Three Thrills by Thursday

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Glossier. Over the weekend I stopped by the Glossier Showroom in NYC & picked up two of their lip colors: Jam & Crush. The store is as simply elegant as the rest of their campaign. I love these lipsticks because the color adapts to your own pigment, so each color looks different on every person. It has a creamier feel to it but appears matte after application. The lipstick itself appears more natural than a lot of other lipsticks I own, which is great when going for a less “done-up” look. I also cannot wait to try their other products!


This week, for the first time, I dropped into Pink Soda, a great new blowout bar & full beauty salon in Stamford. I got their signature blowout which took only 45 minutes & lasted the whole weekend! Highly recommend.


It’s no secret I love a good sweet treat. I contacted Hayleycakes and Cookies for these incredible Beyonce themed bachelorette cookies. Just following their Instagram makes me want to become a baker- though I could never even fathom having that much icing talent. Spoiler alert: the cookies taste even better than they look.




Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Thursday! For those of you who may have stumbled upon this post, hi! Most Thursdays I like the share the highlights of my week- three for alliteration’s sake. Think of it as your parent’s asking the highlight of your day at the dinner table. Feel free to comment with your week’s highlights!


Wedding planning! We have officially set a date & booked a venue which means the real fun can begin! We couldn’t be happier to be getting married in our home state & favorite city, Cleveland, in September 2018!


Did you watch the eclipse this week? I watched from work where we could see it… but didn’t see too much of a change. Here are some awesome shots people captured during in totality zones.


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fall foot fashion. I know we’re not even into September yet but every fall I always end up splurging on vests, new jeans, cozy sweaters etc and always forget about my feet. I love these mules for a great transition shoe into autumn & they’re available in a myriad of colors for every wardrobe.


Three Thrills by Thursday

  1. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. Truth be told, I was WAY overdue for a new book. Working so many hours lately, I haven’t had the time to peruse Barnes & Noble (one of my favorite past times). When I knew I wouldn’t have any service or wifi in Cuba, I grabbed this book. I was actually LOL’ing on the plane. I loved her previous book and this sequel does not disappoint. Mindy, can we please be best friends?!
  2. Me & Mats – I stumbled upon this beautiful brand from Amsterdam in one of my favorite local stores here in Stamford. Their candles are beautifully wrapped in thick, printed paper with good type. I am such a sucker for good packaging. How incredible is that palm paper? Spoiler alert: they smell even better than they look.
  3.  Sorry for the ear bug but this song has been stuck in my head since I touched down in Cuba..


Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends! You’ve made it through the majority of the week and closer to the weekend. Here are my three thrills for the week:

  1. In the most obvious study ever, scientists are proclaiming cheese may be as addictive as drugs…. duh. I’m not sure how this wasn’t discovered until 2015. I like to categorize cheese as a “simple food” because you don’t really get tired of it. Think you can quit this addictive habit? Gouda luck.

Sorry guys, I had to.

Okay no more cheesy puns.

Okay, that was the last one I swear. Sorry.

2. Many celebrities, when asked their beauty secrets, admit how serious they are about their sleep. Time has released how to get a better night’s rest. PS. I’m totally laughing at all of you who have made fun of me for taking what I like to call a “disco nap.” It totally refreshes you so you can have a fun night out and not start to drag circa 11:30.

3. I could not love Brett Dennen more. You may not have heard of this sweet ginger but once you listen to his music, you’ll be hooked. His songs are simple, yet powerful. Great upbeat songs that make you want to dance around your living room as well as love songs that tug on your heart strings. Here are two of my favorites.



Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here and rumor has it the weather is supposed to get warmer? We can only hope.

My first thrill is a magazine I was published in a few weeks ago. I think I mentioned I was working on it in a post, all things bridal, which let’s be honest, wasn’t torture to research or write. I styled couture bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, rings, accessories, shoes and this season’s colors. I am so happy with the final product.

Secondly, if you haven’t seen this video yet- it’s more than worth a watch. I love the message. Love is love. Humans are humans. End of story.

Finally, the third season of Orange is the New Black is officially going to be released June 12. I am already blocking off that weekend for a OITNB binge and have minimal regrets.

Stay tuned tomorrow for this amazing tea that I can’t get enough of!


Three Thrills by Thursday

My first thrill this week is this song from DJ Earworm. Ever since college, my roommate and I would anxiously wait for DJ Earworm to sum up our entire year via music and would listen to it nonstop. We turned a lot of people onto that song because we listened to it all–the–time! Yesterday I saw it trending on Facebook! Ladies and gentlemen, he’s done it again!

My second thrill this week were these beautiful blooms I received on my first day at my new job thanks to my very thoughtful parents.


My third and final thrill this week is of course. Jimmy. By now, you all know my love for Jimmy Fallon. He’s been named Entertainer of the Year (deservingly so!) and he and his wife, Nancy, welcomed their second daughter, Franny, into the world yesterday. In the spirit of the recent holiday and a good mashup, here’s Rashida and Jimmy. (ps. when can my mediocre singing /lyrical genius self be featured on Jimmy?!)

That’s all for today! Until next time..


Three Thrills

Whew! What a week! This week has been a whirlwind and it’s only picking up speed into the weekend.

Here are my three thrills for this week:

1. This kid is apparently still my favorite internet sensation. His appearance on Ellen is seriously the best.

2. Sex and the City has been dishing up relationship advice for years- as far as relationships, it’s all you need to know. Yesterday, one of my besties sent me this buzzfeed about 50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex and the City. I mean really, if SJP couldn’t be any more fabulous… 3 million an episode!?

3. I’ll finish with the best news…EVER! Researchers have found that drinking a glass of wine is better than going to the gym. Let that sink in a moment. Drinking wine is better than going to the gym.

And with that… Cheers!





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