Three Thrills by Thursday


I have been in love with this Coconut Matcha tea lately. It has all the benefits of matcha & green tea & the coconut adds the perfect amount of sweetness.


Intensive Skin Serum Concealer | Corrector  | Brightening Powder

My newest under eye savior! A few weeks ago I wrote about my everyday makeup routine, but have been searching for an under eye solution. Getting up so early, sometimes I need a little extra umph to look wide awake (read: anything so people don’t have to ask “are you okay?!”). This combo has been a life saver and has a really natural feel during wear. I start off with the corrector in the darkest spot under my eyes, add some of the intensive skin serum concealer and finish with brightening powder. The powder is my secret weapon. Not only is it brightening but it makes sure no rogue mascara or eyeliner ends up smudging under my eyes.


Successful women on the age they found the most difficult via Coveteur.

I hope everyone is having a quick week; today is actually my Friday as I’m off tomorrow for a little adventure this weekend!


Weekend Recap & Check In

Hi Friends! Long time, no see. Life has been moving fast and as Ferris Bueller would say, “if you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it!” I also believe someone said “all great changes are proceeded by chaos” so let’s hope that adage is true too.  However, I digress. I’m back from a lovely weekend in Pittsburgh and gearing up for another work week so I’ll share a few snapshots of the weekend as I wish there was an extra day between Sunday and Monday.

Friday, we attended a charity event that we’ve gone to the past several years. Benefitting Cystic Fibrosis, Brewer’s Ball is a great cause and definitely something you should attend if you live in the area.


minor details
I love this antique cocktail ring that I wore with my dress!

On Saturday the sun was shining but there was still a bit of a breeze so I kept it casual with my favorite Burberry trench as we ran errands.

We took a quick break at a local place for some iced thai and chai teas. Delicious.

That night, we had a great drinks and dinner out at two of my favorite places. Check my weekend recommendations below for more info.

Just because I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my roots. Opening day was Friday and I was sporting my Cleveland pride. Go Tribe!

This weekend’s recommendations:

Late Night: Grit & Grace (the cocktails are better than the late night dining options)

Sips: Acacia (An incredible speakeasy on Carson that you’ve probably walked past a million times)

Dine: Meat & Potatoes  (I’ll be honest, everything here is amazing but try the mushroom truffle risotto- thank me later)

Brunch: Marty’s Market (pick up some groceries while you’re there and they just started serving alcohol! #mimosas)

Until next time,


Storehouse Tea

Today I wanted to introduce you all to Storehouse Tea. Made in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, this tea is some of the best I have ever had. To be honest, my love of tea has always kind of ebbed and flowed. I grew up loving mint tea with a little honey and only drinking it when I didn’t feel well or was cold. But now I love trying just about every tea I can get my hands on.

Though the Citron Jasmine flavor has captured my heart, Storehouse Tea has many different varieties that are amazing- I can’t wait to try more. All teas are fair-trade, non GMO, organic and you can actually read every single ingredient in the tea. You definitely can’t do that on a Lipton teabag, my friends. I find myself drinking multiple cups a day and you should too. Despite the delicious taste, tea has an infinite amount of health benefits- which you can read about on the Storehouse website.

There’s no storefront so I can’t tell you to pop in, but you should definitely head over to their site and browse.. and definitely even buy some tea. I can promise you won’t regret it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend was filled with a Whole Foods 5×7, a quick but wonderful trip to my hometown and two sunny days with the best of friends. I couldn’t begin to guesstimate the amount of laughter shared this weekend. It’s going to be a great summer!

Saturday morning, before I ventured back to my hometown, I took a few minutes to “zen out” with a delicious cup of mint tea on my balcony. The only thing that made it even better was the sweetest graduation gift from my roomie, Genna. This little manatee holds your tea while making your cup a mini manatee hot tub.

I hope everyone took some time out of their weekend to give thanks to the brave men and women that serve our great country, they are truly America’s heroes.


This week I’m learning about all the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, I’ll be posting my findings- stay tuned!