Galentine’s Day

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend was fairly chill for me and to be honest, I took advantage of a rainy Sunday for a ramen lunch date & a few hours to be cozy in my apartment. Last week I wrote about dealing with mean girls however, today I’m writing about celebrating the women that empower & inspire us. The women who we keep as our closest #girlgang and build us up. Though I’m thankful for those ladies everyday, what better time than to throw a Galentine’s party. While we can thank Parks & Rec for the tradition, I love it because it’s a great excuse to get together & have a cute party with your favorite ladies. If you need a little pink & red inspo, as well as a one of my favorite treats, look no further.

First of all, this is the easiest cute treat to make. If you’re in a pinch, all these ingredients you can buy pre-made so… here are the details on these precious love notes.

I’ve made these two ways, with puff pastry and with pie dough. I prefer pie dough because they don’t lose their shape while they’re baking. Cute your pie dough into squares add a little raspberry preserves (if you don’t make it homemade, highly recommend this brand) fold up the bottom corner, then either side. If you have a small heart shape cookie cutter, cut out a little piece of dough & add over the three corners. You can also use your (clean) kitchen scissors to hand cut them out, I did and after a practice cut, it’s easy to get the hang of. Add a little egg wash and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 12 minutes or until golden brown.


<bubbles & cake bites>

<these ombre mini cakes are my fav>


Are you planning to celebrate with your best girlfriends? Have you already? What were your plans? These are also awesome desserts if your beau has a sweet tooth.


How To: Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

Happy Friday, friends!

I don’t know about you guys but it seems almost all my loved ones are getting engaged! I have a steady stream of weddings booked out until September 2017! While I was home chatting with a few of my girlfriends about their upcoming nuptials, I couldn’t help but think about wedding etiquette and being in about a bazillion weddings so far, I wanted to share a few thoughts on how to be the perfect wedding guest.

{image via Pinterest}

  1. What to wear. Attire can be tricky. Usually the invitation will indicate if the event is black tie, in which case there is no question. Otherwise, stick with something seasonally appropriate. In under no circumstance, ladies, should you wear white. And honestly, with the bridal gown palette expanding, I’d caution to stay away from ivory, blush, and pale blues as well.
  2. Guests. Never assume you are granted a plus one for a wedding. Unless the envelope specifically states your name plus “and guest” the bride and groom are inviting only you. It’s important to remember that there is extra cost associated with bringing a guest and hypothetically they could be paying for a stranger to attend their wedding. And hey, the singles table can be really fun!
  3. Gifts. Usually a bride and groom will let you know where they are registered and choose items across all different price points. Where it gets dicey is when the registry is completed. Try to consider the couple and what they might need. Have they previously lived together? Where are they going on their honeymoon? There are many gifts that don’t necessarily need to revolve around the wedding. One of my favorites is a big basket of Christmas decor, especially if the couple is moving into a new place. Christmas lights, a personalized ornament, garland, wreath, etc. Plus, if you think ahead, you can get it after the holidays and really save. Oh, and do yourself and the couple a favor, have it sent prior to the wedding so no one is left to lug it around that day.
  4. RSVP. Letting the couple know you’ll be able to attend isn’t really an optional task. If the invitation includes an RSVP, save the couple a headache and fill out the card and return it promptly. This being said, if a situation arises where you need to cancel, let the couple know immediately. Nothing is worse than a no show.
  5. Timing. Weddings are not the time or place to be fashionably late, especially ceremonies. Imagine closing a loud door and creating a fuss in a quiet room, no one wants to be that person. All weddings operate on some form of schedule, so stick to the times listed. If you’re chronically late, tell yourself the wedding starts earlier than indicated, there is always music prior to the ceremony so you won’t feel awkward if you’re early.
  6. Seating. Check to see if there is assigned seating or if the bride and groom leave it up to their guests. This may go without saying but if you’re assigned to a table with other attendees you haven’t met, introduce yourself, chances are you’ll run into them out on the dance floor!
  7. Open Bar. Ah, yes. The bar. Note that it reads “Open Bar” not “All You Can Drink!” There’s absolutely no issue with getting festive and celebrating the newlyweds but don’t overindulge and embarrass yourself or the couple. No one wants to wake up to embarrassing Facebook pictures. Also, if you’re up dancing, leave your cocktail at the table. Don’t risk spilling on someone or shattering your glass.
  8. Chatter. This one can be hard especially if you’re a date and a little less connected to the couple. I overhear, at many weddings, comments such as “well I would do it this way” or “yikes, let’s keep this in mind for our day.” Which are perfectly normal thoughts, everyone has an opinion but during someone’s special day is not the time to share them. Keep your comments to yourself until you get home.
  9. Mingling. I think this is the most fun part of the event! The bride and groom have so many people to see that you won’t be spending the majority of the night with them. Meet their friends. Ask how they know the couple. Congratulate the families, it’s a big day for them too.
  10. Cell phones. Play it safe and keep it on vibrate the entire day. No one wants their iPhone blasting their ringtone of Jesse’s Girl mid ceremony or toast.

Bonus: This may be a personal thing but I loathe bare feet on the dance floor. From germs to safety to etiquette, I just hate it. If you don’t think you can last all night in heels, pack cute flats or sandals in the car (or your purse) to throw on so you can dance the night away.

You’re totally set to be the perfect wedding guest! Did I miss anything? What’re your biggest wedding dos and don’ts?


Three Thrills by Thursday

Once again, we’ve made it past hump day and onto Thursday. My three thrills for the week are:

1. The Daily Meal has published 150 Best Bars in America. I was surprised to see that I’ve actually been to more than I would have guessed. And I couldn’t be happier that a certain bar in Cleveland made it onto the list.

2. Sometimes, I honestly forget I have a Pinterest. And when I realize I have a few seconds to pin- it’s like finding $20 in my pocket. Glitter Guide pinpointed (no pun intended) some of their most pinned items so far this spring.

3. Need a little help finding the perfect jeans? This guide can help!


How To: Terrarium with Succulents

Last Sunday started as a beautiful morning but quickly turned to a stormy afternoon. It turned out to be the perfect day to finally do a “DIY” project that wasn’t a total Pinterest fail.  I’ve been wanting to get some plants in my apartment however with my travel schedule, I’m always worried they’ll be all dried up by the time a long weekend is over. Succulents turned out to be the answer.

There are two different types of terrariums: open and closed. In a closed terrarium, there is minimal maintenance as the plants flourish by the humidity within the terrarium. An open terrarium does require more maintenance but still is a nice addition to a desk space or table.

What you will need to make an open terrarium with succulents:
-succulents of your choice (generally try to stick to three)

First put down a layer of rocks followed by charcoal. The next layer should be the soil, which should be a bit thicker than the rocks and charcoal. Once you’ve put down the first three layers, it’s time to start planting. Make sure to leave space for each plant to grow and don’t overcrowd them.

I added some rocks on top for aesthetics. Make sure to water thoroughly once you’re finished (about a tablespoon per plant) and expose to natural light. I hope this adds a little green to a drab space.