Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Thursday! For those of you who may have stumbled upon this post, hi! Most Thursdays I like the share the highlights of my week- three for alliteration’s sake. Think of it as your parent’s asking the highlight of your day at the dinner table. Feel free to comment with your week’s highlights!


Wedding planning! We have officially set a date & booked a venue which means the real fun can begin! We couldn’t be happier to be getting married in our home state & favorite city, Cleveland, in September 2018!


Did you watch the eclipse this week? I watched from work where we could see it… but didn’t see too much of a change. Here are some awesome shots people captured during in totality zones.


// shoes //

fall foot fashion. I know we’re not even into September yet but every fall I always end up splurging on vests, new jeans, cozy sweaters etc and always forget about my feet. I love these mules for a great transition shoe into autumn & they’re available in a myriad of colors for every wardrobe.



Three Thrills by Thursday

  1. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. Truth be told, I was WAY overdue for a new book. Working so many hours lately, I haven’t had the time to peruse Barnes & Noble (one of my favorite past times). When I knew I wouldn’t have any service or wifi in Cuba, I grabbed this book. I was actually LOL’ing on the plane. I loved her previous book and this sequel does not disappoint. Mindy, can we please be best friends?!
  2. Me & Mats – I stumbled upon this beautiful brand from Amsterdam in one of my favorite local stores here in Stamford. Their candles are beautifully wrapped in thick, printed paper with good type. I am such a sucker for good packaging. How incredible is that palm paper? Spoiler alert: they smell even better than they look.
  3.  Sorry for the ear bug but this song has been stuck in my head since I touched down in Cuba..


Getting Dirty with Frank

Happy Monday, babes!

Did you all have good weekends? Mine was very relaxing and I’m looking forward to a ski trip this coming weekend in New York. I wanted to share a product with all of you that I tried out yesterday… it’s also my newest obsession: Frank Body Coffee Scrub.

I tried out the original coffee body scrub and lip scrub and my skin has been rejoicing ever since. I have to admit, I don’t drink coffee or really even enjoy the smell but the scrub scent isn’t overpowering. After you rinse off in the shower, apply the scrub onto your skin. As with all exfoliants, you can scrub as hard or as soft as you like. Once rubbed on, let the scrub sit for 10 minutes or so and rinse. Depending on your skin type, you may want to rinse with a light body wash.  The coffee gives off a beautiful glow and leaves your skin silky smooth. I can’t say enough good things about this scrub and at $15 it’s an amazing deal.

Alright babes, that’s all for today. May your Monday be short & your coffee be strong!


Blah Blah Blah-gs

Keeping my lips sealed…for now.

There are all kinds of blogs out there in the blogosphere. Food blogs, lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, blah blah blah-gs. When I initially started Bliss & Bellinis, I was unsure of of what genre it would fall in. I suppose I assumed a lifestyle blog since those are the blogs that I enjoy reading and it was started as a lighthearted venture. You know, a combination of fashion, recipes, the occasional beauty product, whatever I want. There is also another genre that I adore, my Sasha Fierce/ Queen B side can’t get enough of: bitchy blogs. Don’t kid yourself. You know you all follow those stinging Instgram accounts like Girlwithnojob or Elliot Tebele (if you don’t- you should). Sometimes I wish I had the cojones to write in my sarcastic voice & tell it how it is. I would be lying if I said my heart didn’t skip a beat every time The Bitch Bible has a new post (Jackie Schimmel be my friend!)

I’m equally both fiercely extroverted and intensely private (#ambivert) so even displaying my every day life is out of my comfort zone (like changing my Instagram to public). I can’t imagine publishing the first sarcastic, judgey thing that comes to my mind, not to mention my parents reading it! I don’t feel the need to spill every juicy detail about my dating life because I’m not Carrie Bradshaw. I also don’t feel the need to divulge every steamy piece of gossip I come across; for example: how I recently received a snapchat of my ex locking lips with a girl who is not his current “girlfriend”(dodged a bullet there, people!), because I’m not Gossip Girl…xoxo. Anyway I digress. I don’t feel the need to go to those places because frankly, I have more than that going on.  Perhaps this post will be the push to make Bliss & Bellinis a little sassier? Stay tuned.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for brunch