Three Thrills by Thursday


Every year for Valentine’s Day, we go back and forth over plans. To stay in or to go out? Restaurants are always so overcrowded and frankly you’re usually served a mediocre meal since the restaurant will be inevitably full to the brim with couples.

For us, we spend a lot of time out so it’s such a treat to stay in & cook together. This year we got incredible cuts of meat from Meat Provisions in Westport. The guys there are beyond knowledgeable and helped us pick out a delicious dinner. We slow roasted brisket with our sous vide. I got one for Dave for his birthday and it’s becoming one of our favorite kitchen utensils.

While it’s most convenient to do your meat shopping at the grocery, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy visiting our local butcher. I love to learn about different cooking or grilling techniques, or recipes I would never think to make. At Meat Provisions, the team is so pumped about what they do, it’s easy to get excited about planning an awesome dinner.


This is where “conversation hearts” came from.


10 Things Incredibly Likable People Never, Ever Do (and Why You Love Them for It)


Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Happy Friday & official first day of fall. A few weeks ago, the east coast had our first taste of sweater weather. Of course, we ended up having a bit of a resurgence of warmer weather but that doesn’t mean my sweaters aren’t freshly stacked in my closet waiting for their debut on a crisp, fall day. For me, there are a few things that come with the first crisp breeze…

<crispness in the air always makes me want to stay in bed juuuust a little longer>

  1. Hot Tea. I normally drink green tea every morning as I’m not a coffee gal but it always feels a little different in the fall. On weekend mornings, I’ll leisurely drink a cup by our patio fire pit or snuggled on the couch with the door open.
  2. Switching up my Cooking Routine. I love fall vegetables. Perusing the farmer’s market when all the apples, and squash are in season is so fulfilling to me. I love, love, love this Sweet Potato Gnocchi recipe. It’s usually the first heartier, fall recipe I make every year. Plus.. SOUP!
  3. Holiday Planning. Once October hits, I’ve already picked up like two Bon Appétit magazines, they usually have a perfected turkey or gorgeous tablescape on the front. I love planning out the holidays; when we’ll get together with friends, little stocking stuffers for Christmas morning. While my mind doesn’t go straight to Christmas, this year I’ve promised myself, my gifts will be taken care of prior to December 15. No last minute scramble for me.
  4. Warmer Toned Makeup. If you haven’t noticed, I love deeper toned lipsticks and live for a good marsala or caramel lip. I’ll be sure to share some of my favorites this fall.
  5. Fall Football. In the midwest, football isn’t just a game, it’s an occasion. Tailgating is a must & if you’re watching from the comfort of your own home, snacks & lucky jerseys are a necessity. (Go Bucks!)
  6. Baking. Especially in the fall, pies are my absolute favorite. I also gravitate towards breads like banana, zucchini and if you don’t want to make anything from scratch, these breads from Williams-Sonoma.
  7. “Basic” Activities. I’m not sure when supporting a local farm became labeled as “basic” but yea, I do love picking apples, gathering pumpkins to carve, etc. Those local farms always have the best cider, too.
  8. Fall Fashion. Boots, vests, snuggly sweaters all make their way to the front of my closet & I couldn’t be happier.
  9. Autumn Cocktails. While I’m not a fan of PSL, fresh ciders or spiked apple ciders are my jam.
  10. Candles. I think my love of candles stems from missing a fireplace in our cozy apartment. In the fall, I always have a candle lit. For me, I always opt for lighter scents like snuggly sweater or fresh cotton.

What are you most excited about for fall?


Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Thursday, babes! I honestly cannot catch a grip on just how quickly time is moving. Autumn is definitely settling in our here on the east coast and though it’s very welcome, I’m still holding onto hopes of an indian summer (preferably a weekend, mother nature, if you’re reading!)

First thrill this week is just an overall general update… My Mexico trip, for my dear friend’s bachelorette, will go down in history as one of the greatest trips of all time. See Instagram for Mexico photos as there are too many fabulous ones to post. Otherwise, see below for a quick insta- roundup.


sneakily easy, yet beautiful, pie recipe that I cannot wait to share


stunning cake from Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes for Lauren’s Kate Spade bridal shower


our hearts ( & glasses) so full, celebrating our bride to be!


so much fun at the Town & Country Polo Finals in Greenwich

img_2722stunning sunset from the harbor


soaking in the last little bit of summer fleurs with these dahlias


pre- regatta (cheers!)

My second thrill this week, admittedly, is something I’m a little late to the game for: Trunk Club. For those of you who are in my boat, Trunk Club gives you a personal stylist who, after getting to know your style, sends you a trunk of hand picked items. I was so skeptical because half the time I can barely pick out clothes for myself. Sara, my stylist, hit it out of the park because my trunk was amazing! I wish I would have known about this in college, too! I am so addicted and who doesn’t want to come home to a surprise new wardrobe every few weeks? Sign me up! If you’re interested, click here!

Lastly, I’m gushing over a beautiful, affordable new jewelry brand *heart eyes* Shashi. Based out of NYC, these pieces are great to pair with every day attire but also are great to dress up that LBD on date night. I love the tassels- they are so fun. I also love this line because they make awesome gifts.


Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Friday eve!! Here are a few of my thrills by today… Thursday!

  1. Recently, one of my very best friends came to visit and we deemed that Saturday Treat Yo Self 2016. It was phenomenal. We of course skipped over to Dry Bar, which is totally my obsession. I love a good blow out and Dry Bar does it best. It was super hot and humid in the city but somehow the magicians at Dry Bar managed to keep our hair under control and looking fabulous for the rest of the night. I’m a sucker for a beautiful aesthetic too and the aura inside Dry Bar is so fun. Lots of white marble with their signature color yellow adorning the decor.. as well as mimosas. Need I say more? Do yourself a favor and treat yo self.

  2. Secondly, I am loving this brand of nail polish: Smith & Cult. As someone who works in the CPG industry, I LOVE good packaging. I love their bottles and the slight imperfection on the caps, so beautiful. Their colors are phenomenal and I can’t help but want to order all the deep oxblood/ marsala colors for fall. The polish itself wore incredibly well and was extremely resilient to water, I only ended up taking it off because my nails grow too quickly. A definite recommend. Has anyone tried their make up? If it’s half as great as their polish, I’m in.
  3. If we’re sticking to the beauty trend here, I’ll admit my faults. For a while I’d be fighting it, but in the end I have to admit… I, too, love the Kylie Jenner lip kits. After trying a friend’s Candy K (circa treat yo self 2016 weekend) I really love the way it wears and the color. I finally caved and last night my very own Kylie Jenner lip kit arrived in the mail. I’ll admit it, I was wrong. What other colors do you guys recommend?



Cleveland Nostalgia

Happy Tuesday, friends. I have some exciting news to share.. I have accepted a job on the east coast and will be headed that way pretty quickly. I am ecstatic about this new adventure but can’t help but have bittersweet emotions about the city I’ve grown so attached to.. it’s left me feeling a little bit nostalgic about..

Cleveland. Lovingly described as the mistake by the lake…

Well.. certainly not by anyone who’s lived here. During the last 8 years that I’ve called this city home, the city has gotten a pretty big face lift.. and maybe even a heart transplant, too. Let me explain. Yes, the city has grown. New buildings have gone up, old buildings have come down but the heart of this city? The people. We truly LOVE this city and we’re proud to be Clevelanders. Together, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve been heartbroken over “the decision” and rejoiced over “the return,” we’ve seen the Flats revitalized and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day better than anywhere else. We’ve shed tears of pride over the Cavs together commercial during playoffs, stormed The Jake (I said it) on opening day and cheered on the Browns from the muni lot even though we know “there’s always next year.”

So what if our river caught on fire?! It was one time! We’ve got museums to rival some of the best in the country, restaurants that will blow your mind (Z. Bruell & Michael Symon, I’m looking at you) and a theater district comparable to NYC. Let’s not forget that we literally built this city on rock & roll.

When I travel and meet someone new, frankly, I’m annoyed when people wince after asking where I’m from. There is no need to pity where I’m going. To quote a fellow Clevelander, MGK, “Bitch, I’m from the Land!”

In Cleveland, we take the saying “work hard, play hard” very seriously. Nothing is given & everything is earned. We are conditioned to prove ourselves, even though our sports teams are still trying. Best of all, we’re kind to one another; giving the Midwest the best reputation. And despite the constant struggle of east side versus west side, let’s be honest, no one can deny both have their strong points.

If I was going to list all the things I love about Cleveland, this post would be miles long, so I’ll keep it short. This city has given me an incredible education, friends who have turned into family and endless adventures that will keep me giggling for years to come.

I may not live in this resilient city much longer but I’ll still wear my Cleveland Clothing Store gear and dream about brunch at Townhall. I’ll miss singing at the top of my lungs at Tina’s and running into fellow JCU alum at every turn. Like we always say, New York may be the Big Apple, but Cleveland is the plum. Ohio against the world!

Clevelanders, please keep exploring this amazing city. Do it for me. Do it for yourself.


Friends & Family Sale

Happy Friday!!

Quick update from me today but a special treat for all of you… I have an exclusive offer for 25% off at Vineyard Vines! Use the code below to receive 25% off your order! (How cute is that pineapple sweater?!)

Feel free to share this with your friends & family, too! Here’s to hoping everyone will treat themselves this weekend! Happy Shopping! xoxo


MDW Recap

Welcome back to the real world, friends. I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend. I skipped out a bit early to head to Connecticut for the long weekend and I’m sure glad I did. The sun was shining, the water was wonderful and the company wasn’t too bad either.

First and foremost, I MUST inform you all about one of the most underrated mobile ‘destinations’ in Stamford. The Brunch Box. At the corner of Atlantic & Tresser, this is a breakfast-to-go you won’t want to miss. Of course, I tried the bacon, egg & cheese on a portuguese bun. Out of this world. Also known for homemade granola and out of this world pierogis. I cannot recommend enough!!

Another recommendation I must add is Lorca. I initially stumbled on this gem on a hot day looking for something to quench my thirst but everything I’ve tried is beyond impressive. The London Fog Tea Latte (over ice on a hot day) is incredible and if you’re in the mood for a nibble, try the quiche of the day. There’s even a few baked goods if you have a sweet tooth.

Over the weekend we took a quick trip into the city, strolled through Central Park

Stopped for a drink at Sarabeth’s

and ventured over to Williamsburg for Smorgasburg (GO!) for dinner. I had the greatest fresh fruit ice pop from people’s pops before we headed over to the Whythe Hotel rooftop for drinks… and a view.

Though I have a love for the city, I was happy to spend a lot of time outside on the water or by the pool.

We even squeezed in a little time to kayak, which I took the liberty of calling my ‘workout’ for the weekend. Hey, it’s technically vacation, right?

My own personal mixologist whipped up a few cocktails which were thoroughly enjoyed by the fire overlooking the water. I also whipped up some homemade guacamole which I’ll be sharing the recipe later this week.

Date night post water taxi.

As all great things do, the weekend had to roll to an end and off to the airport I went.

I hope during your weekend you took some time to think about the men & women who have sacrificed so much to keep our beautiful country free.