Three Thrills by Thursday

While I absolutely adore traveling & celebrating so many awesome occasions with friends, not traveling this week has been pretty amazing. Now that my 2017 wedding season is over, I’ve been locking down some fun details for our own wedding! Instead of posting on #WeddingWednesday, I thought today’s post would be a little more

While this is a little overdue & was mentioned last week. I found my wedding gown! While I had planned to shop in NYC, I scheduled an initial run while I was home in Cleveland & Brides By The Falls knocked it out of the park. While I won’t be sharing too many details on the blog until the big day, I’ll just say, it’s not at all what I expected but everything I ever wanted.


I found this article about the Evolution of the Wedding Gown from Instyle. Turns out wedding gowns haven’t always been white!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading about bridal traditions. While many aspects of our wedding will be traditional, we want to make sure every aspect feels very personal to Dave & I, for example, writing our own ceremony. This article about cultural traditions around the world is super interesting and makes me glad I’m not getting married in Jamaica!


tomorrow, I’ll be sharing how I asked my bridesmaids to be a part of our wedding party! you don’t want to miss it!


Major Life Updates

June was quite a month for me.

I celebrated my twenty- eighth birthday just a day after my last post with a fun night out starting at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, When We Were Young. The food, cocktails & company couldn’t be topped. Their signature drink, the While We Were Young, is as beautiful as it delicious.

I wore my favorite summer romper from Express.

A few days after my birthday, I started a new job that allows me to pursue my passions inside & outside the office. That being said, I’m happy to have some time back to keep content flowing across the pages of Bliss & Bellinis. Leaving my old job wasn’t the easiest. I enjoyed my clients, my boss & the people I worked with but job-wise, sometimes you have to look beyond the here & now and set yourself up to work in a space that you’re truly passionate about.

A few weeks after that, Dave & I headed home to Cleveland to celebrate my birthday with my best friends & family. Unbeknownst to me, Dave had bigger plans. While in Cleveland, Dave proposed at my very favorite place in the world and coincidentally where we had our first date, The Cleveland Museum of Art.

After a big glass of champagne, we went to meet up with my parents to celebrate. To my surprise, Dave, and our families, had arranged a surprise engagement party at my parent’s home with our closest friends and family… which all kicked off with what else but a bellini toast. I’m not afraid to admit it but I think my summer peaked early this year. Needless to say, I’m 100% OK with it.

In my downtime, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can at the club or on a sailboat, which was a perfect way to welcome the summer solstice.

As well as gallivanting around the city a little bit, too. Smorgasburg is one of my favorite activities. Recently, I FINALLY got to try the infamous Ramen Burger— which totally lived up to it’s reputation. Delicious. 

Trying to soak in as much East Coast sun as I can but I have a lot of upcoming travel to look forward to. On a totally unrelated note, is everyone gearing up for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I am counting down the days!


Cleveland Nostalgia

Happy Tuesday, friends. I have some exciting news to share.. I have accepted a job on the east coast and will be headed that way pretty quickly. I am ecstatic about this new adventure but can’t help but have bittersweet emotions about the city I’ve grown so attached to.. it’s left me feeling a little bit nostalgic about..

Cleveland. Lovingly described as the mistake by the lake…

Well.. certainly not by anyone who’s lived here. During the last 8 years that I’ve called this city home, the city has gotten a pretty big face lift.. and maybe even a heart transplant, too. Let me explain. Yes, the city has grown. New buildings have gone up, old buildings have come down but the heart of this city? The people. We truly LOVE this city and we’re proud to be Clevelanders. Together, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve been heartbroken over “the decision” and rejoiced over “the return,” we’ve seen the Flats revitalized and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day better than anywhere else. We’ve shed tears of pride over the Cavs together commercial during playoffs, stormed The Jake (I said it) on opening day and cheered on the Browns from the muni lot even though we know “there’s always next year.”

So what if our river caught on fire?! It was one time! We’ve got museums to rival some of the best in the country, restaurants that will blow your mind (Z. Bruell & Michael Symon, I’m looking at you) and a theater district comparable to NYC. Let’s not forget that we literally built this city on rock & roll.

When I travel and meet someone new, frankly, I’m annoyed when people wince after asking where I’m from. There is no need to pity where I’m going. To quote a fellow Clevelander, MGK, “Bitch, I’m from the Land!”

In Cleveland, we take the saying “work hard, play hard” very seriously. Nothing is given & everything is earned. We are conditioned to prove ourselves, even though our sports teams are still trying. Best of all, we’re kind to one another; giving the Midwest the best reputation. And despite the constant struggle of east side versus west side, let’s be honest, no one can deny both have their strong points.

If I was going to list all the things I love about Cleveland, this post would be miles long, so I’ll keep it short. This city has given me an incredible education, friends who have turned into family and endless adventures that will keep me giggling for years to come.

I may not live in this resilient city much longer but I’ll still wear my Cleveland Clothing Store gear and dream about brunch at Townhall. I’ll miss singing at the top of my lungs at Tina’s and running into fellow JCU alum at every turn. Like we always say, New York may be the Big Apple, but Cleveland is the plum. Ohio against the world!

Clevelanders, please keep exploring this amazing city. Do it for me. Do it for yourself.


Photo Roundup

Hey friends. Long time, no see. Happy Monday & first day of February! I’m back from a little holiday hiatus and to kick it off, I wanted to do a photo roundup.  Today I’m sharing a few snapshots to clue you into what I’ve been up to.


The holidays felt like old times back in this beautiful tutu.


Amazing brunch with my best friend at…

 Salt & Pine.

I finally got to take my parents to The Glass Asylum for their first time glass blowing.

Incredible treat from a brunch I recently hosted, stay tuned for the recipe.

Love exploring on the weekends, especially when we end up at Two Roads Brewing Co.

Detoxing is way more fun at Restore Cold Pressed.

I’m so excited to be back up in business over here!


Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes

Happy Friday!! Today I want to share one of my newest discoveries and favorite bakery, Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes. I initially found this gem when I was creeping through Instagram (trust me,  you’ll want to follow them) and was googly eyed over these beautiful creations but it all changed when I placed an order for their custom macaroons for our newly engaged friend.

How incredible are these? If you can even believe it, they tasted even better.

The bakery is can only be compared to the beautiful child of the best Pinterest board and Rifle Paper Co. Chic, sweet yet comfortable. The cakes are perfectly displayed amongst the store and the fresh treats line the counter just awaiting to be taken home and devoured.


Incredible sugar succulents!

Need a quick birthday surprise? Grab a card with your treats!

I could not recommend enough stopping by this gem in Avon Lake and trying..well, one of everything. It’s clear Kelsey & staff have put a lot of love and passion into their sweets and who doesn’t love to support someone’s true passion? Take a few seconds this weekend to sit back with some treats at Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes. You won’t be disappointed.

Cheers to the weekend, loves!

Restore Cold Pressed

Happy Tuesday, friends! Quick post today, but I want to share with you my newest obsession: Restore Cold Pressed. I stumbled upon this juicy gem and could not be happier. I’ve spent the past few days trying different juices, their avocado toast and an acai bowl. Every thing I’ve had there is absolutely incredible. Located downtown Cleveland on Huron, it’s perfect for a quick lunch (or breakfast) stop or for a leisurely sip in their zen space.

Immunity. Plant fix. Dre Day

Though these juices were all incredible, the Dre Day is my top pick. Watermelon and perfectly refreshing for summer.

This avocado toast is anything but basic.  I’ve always underestimated designer toast but this toast is out of this world. Trust me.

I’ll admit this is my first acai bowl but it certainly won’t be my last. I opted for strawberries, granola and chia seeds but Restore offers many add ins, so I’ll be back to check out some more variations.

If you haven’t been to Restore, you don’t know what you’re missing. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Three Thrills by Thursday

Once again, we’ve made it past hump day and onto Thursday. My three thrills for the week are:

1. The Daily Meal has published 150 Best Bars in America. I was surprised to see that I’ve actually been to more than I would have guessed. And I couldn’t be happier that a certain bar in Cleveland made it onto the list.

2. Sometimes, I honestly forget I have a Pinterest. And when I realize I have a few seconds to pin- it’s like finding $20 in my pocket. Glitter Guide pinpointed (no pun intended) some of their most pinned items so far this spring.

3. Need a little help finding the perfect jeans? This guide can help!