Quick Trip to Beverly Hills

Last week, I popped out to LA for a quick work trip. The trip was very quick but I did score a few free hours in Beverly Hills to play. While I’m certainly no west coast expert, here are a few places I recommend if you travel like I do, and need a few suggestions.

Olive & June

If you’re looking to treat yourself, I highly recommend getting a mani/pedi at Olive & June. Inside, the place is so simply chic it’s easy to unwind during your services. The ladies at the BH location were fantastic & are nail art experts. Since I was still rounding out client meetings and additional weddings, I opted for a simpler nail art experience.

obsessed with this half moon design


Lunch at SugarFish is a MUST. Hands down, the best sushi I’ve ever had. Choose one of the pre fixed menu options (I did the Trust Me Lite) & you won’t be sorry. In hindsight, go hungry & try as much as you can, because honestly, every bite was incredible.

Shopping on Rodeo Drive

Besides the fact that Rodeo is one of the most beautiful streets anyone could want to shop on, the stores are so fantastically staged; just the site of it is gorgeous. Not to mention, everything is more charming with palm trees.

foyer into Ralph Lauren

The Beverly Center is awesome for additional shopping & I also hit up the and The Grove for a quick lunch between meetings on Tuesday in between meetings.


While Ladurée this isn’t a west coast novelty, I can always go for
a macaroon & champagne as a mid-afternoon snack.


The second I found out I was heading to LA, friends began to make me promise I’d try In-N-Out. While I 100% understand the hype and it was truly delicious, I don’t think any burger joint can top Swensons.

La Scala

Old school Beverly Hills, highly recommend the chopped salad.  Good place to see & be seen.

I also took a quick stroll down Melrose, which is cool area to explore. Very eclectic & chic.

What are your favorite LA spots? Where should I make sure I get to next time?


Three Thrills by Thursday

I don’t know if it’s felt like this for you, but this week has moved at a glacial pace. I am so thankful it’s Thursday and we have a long weekend ahead of us!!

My three thrills for this week are from three blogs I frequent:

1. Glitter Guide’s Guide to Champagne Glasses. It’s no secret I love bubbly and Glitter Guide has some cute and affordable way to serve it!

2. Top 10 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks from The Sorority Secrets are perfect for this busy time of year. These tips are guaranteed to get you out the door in half the time.

3. Southern Curls and Pearl’s tips on How To Take a Good Instagram Photo. Hmm.. I think I may need to invest in a bounce. I love following her Instagram, she really does take great photos!


Tips on Toasting

The past few months have brought many joyous occasions. Whether it be myself or friends, it seems like every other weekend is a celebration– which is certainly okay by me. I love the opportunity to celebrate. When the champagne corks pops (my favorite sound) there’s usually a little lull wondering if anyone will say something.

I’ve encountered some pretty horrible toasts in my day. From a drunk best man who could barely slur out words to a mom very loudly toasting her daughter’s 21st birthday in public with the most vulgar rhyming toast I’ve ever heard (awkward) to a toast that turned into a blank stare of nerves.

Here are a few helpful hints when making a toast, whether it be at a small intimate dinner with friends or at a more grandiose occasion:

1. Keep it short and sweet. There’s no reason to go on and on… and on. Obviously weddings allow for longer speeches but go too long and you’ll put everyone to sleep.

2. Speak from the heart. If nothing else, it’s as easy at that.

3. A little humor never killed anybody. Keep it with the occasion though, humor that may be funny to the “toastee” and college friends, may leave their grandparents completely appalled.

4. Make sure to have something in mind if not written down, toasts aren’t the appropriate occasions to wing it. The larger the event, the more preparation required.

5. Etiquette dictates that the host has until the first course is cleared to make a toast, if he or she chooses not to toast during that time, the floor is open to the other guests. If you’re giving the toast and are not the host, make sure to thank him or her for having everyone.


Three Thrills by Thursday

Three Thrills for this week:

1. Daisy and Cooper just melt my heart. These two pups and their love for ice cream will definitely brighten up your day and may just remind you that this weekend may call for an ice cream cone of your own.

2. It’s no secret that I love champagne. In fact, I believe you can’t fully celebrate without it. This article breaks down all the champs lingo you may not know.

3. There are a lot of exciting things happening this weekend. Speaking of champagne, Friday’s Whole Foods 5×7 theme is Summer Bubbles– so exciting!! I’m looking forward to spending time with friends, Saturday’s Mountain Movers Cleveland launch party, and my upcoming birthday! EEE! So many exciting things that I can’t even list them all— because some may or may not be a surprise!