Three Thrills by Thursday

Friday eve, thankfully here again! Last week totally kicked my butt and this week has been just as busy but I’m feeling energized, inspired and ready for the weekend!


This weekend I’m attending Suds of the Season, which is a fun beer festival with tons of breweries and food trucks participating. The best part? PUPPIES! The event charity is Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities, and they’ll have plenty of sweet pups there to pet in between sips. What a perfect way to unwind from the week! Hop on over to my instagram story to see how to get discounted tickets!


I have been enamored with two books the past few weeks. First is by one of my all time fav food bloggers Jessica Merchant at How Sweet Eats. I’ve been following her for years and not a day goes by that I don’t want to jump through my screen and into her pictures. Her new cookbook, The Pretty Dish, has, of course, incredible recipes plus a ton of beauty DIY projects. Even if you never cooked one dish, the food photography alone will have you running to the grocery store.

The second book is one that greatly resonates with me. Many of the greatest chefs will say that cooking is a way of showing admiration to those you love. A gift. It’s so much more than feeding someone’s belly. Food Gift Love is my newest obsession for those little hostess our housewarming gifts


The hype behind Summer Fridays is real and I can’t keep my hands off of it (as you can see from the condition of my fairly new tube!) Totally clean ingredients created by two awesome women. My favorite part? You can use it around your eyes without fear! Your skin will be thanking you!


Three Thrills by Thursday

Well, we’ve made it to Thursday. Otherwise known as Friday eve.

First off, I wanted to post this article by the NY Times. 52 places to go in 2015. Coincidentally, there are 52 weeks in a year so you better get cracking. If you have already checked a few of these places off your list, keep looking, I’m sure you haven’t hit them all. Also, I’m loving that #21 made the list!

Secondly. I wanted to share a song that has been one of my favorites for a long time, thanks to a very special friend of mine. It recently found its way into my iTunes shuffle and I have been on a Dispatch kick ever since.

Lastly, if you’ll be in Cleveland this weekend I strongly suggest you check out Cleveland Beer Fest. It’ll be lots of fun to be had by all and if you don’t drink beer (like me) there are plenty of ciders that made the cut.

Sorry for the quick posts this week. I’m working on a project revolving around all thing bridal, so my brain’s been filled with veils, gown and rings (ok, I’ll admit…not a total torture) I’ll give you a few updates when we go to print!


Three Thrills by Thursday

Hi friends!
After my brief hiatus, I’m back for a quick hello before I’m away for the holiday weekend.

My first thrill this week was a fabulous girls night with my girlfriends Alex and Megan earlier this week. Alex was selected to have a mini pampering session at Aveda and graciously invited us to tag along. There aren’t any photos from the event because between sips of champagne, hand soaks and facials my phone wasn’t the first thing on my mind but we had a blast. I was excited because although I’ve gone to an Aveda salon for the past few years, I haven’t had the opportunity to try a lot of their products other than haircare and the occasional lotion. Two products in particular that I am LOVING. First, the Stress-fix spray (similar here). I’m always a little leery of “stress relief” products because I imagine someone having a panic attack and practically huffing the scent- which leads to a whole other stressor, however I digress. This scent just reminds me of what an Aveda salon or store smells like and is truly calming. I spritzed a tiny spray on my pillow and bedding which makes falling into bed after a long day even better. The second item I love is the Green Science Firming Eye Creme.  I swear in the few times I’ve used it, the skin around my eyes already feels firmer. Just use a tiny bit around the eyes and even better, it’s safe to use on your lids. Hey, nothing like a little wrinkle prevention right?

Cutest swag bag and the Green Science Firming Eye Creme

The second thrill is Bottlehouse Brewery right in Cleveland Heights. In this article by Cleveland Scene, it reveals that the brewery not only brews it’s own beer but also it’s own mead. Mead is made from water, yeast and honey and can range from 5-30% alcohol. Whoa. I, myself, am not a beer person but mead boasts different flavors (some sweet and fruity) depending on how it’s made. I can’t wait to check this place out ASAP.

Finally, I saw this article a few days ago and had to share. 50 Photos of Actors Behind the Scenes That Will Change How You See Their Movies Forever. I love this because even when I was little I used to wonder what it used to be like for actors when the cameras stopped rolling. These photos capture some awesome moments on set that we have never seen- until now.

I hope everyone enjoys the Fourth tomorrow!!