Three Thrills by Thursday

Has anyone else been thrown off all week? I woke up Tuesday morning, thinking it was Wednesday & my days have been mixed up ever since. But we’re here! Thursday! Finally.


Tuesday night I took a calligraphy class with the very talented Crafted by Anamarie. I have always loved calligraphy & thought it would be a fun girls night. Anamarie is so talented & incredibly helpful throughout the entire class. While I have a lot of practicing ahead of me, the letters are starting to build muscle memory, so here’s to hoping for a lot of lovely lettering in the next year! She also teaches chalkboard lettering classes as well. You can catch her in NYC or Stamford. Sign up here, you won’t regret it.



I think part of my day-of-the-week mix up can be attributed to not getting a great night of sleep. Sleep is such an important factor regarding our health & wellbeing but let’s face it, sometimes eight hours just can’t happen. Here are ways to make it through those long days after a bad night’s sleep.



Truth be told, the saying of “A Sunday Well Spent, Brings A Week of Content” really hits home for me. I love nothing more on Sundays to be in the kitchen, cooking, prepping food for the week or (embarrassingly enough) reorganizing the cabinets. It brings me a sense of solace. While I plan meals for the week, Sunday’s meal is usually a game time decision. Ravaging through odds & ends of what’s leftover married to a few of my kitchen staples. This week, we ended up with quite a delicious pizza. Plum & Prosciutto. I’m sharing the recipe (I use that term loosely as I admittedly never measure anything) below.

Plum & Prosciutto Pizza

What You’ll Need:

Stonefire Naan Bread
Fresh Mozzarella
3 Plums (I used three smaller, European plums)
(teeny bit of) Balsamic Glaze (I made my own, but this one is great to keep in your cupboard)

How To:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place naan bread onto baking sheet and add sliced mozzarella onto naan. If you don’t have access to fresh mozzarella, shredded would work, too. Grate some gruyere over top of the mozz and place in the oven for the cheese to melt, about 5 minutes.
  2. Remove pizza from oven and add quartered or halved plums (depending on size) as well as a few slices of prosciutto. Place back in oven for 10-12 minutes.
  3. Once the cheese is nice & melted, remove pizza from oven and sprinkle with balsamic glaze. Add arugula to the top of the ‘za and…
  4. Enjoy!



Three Thrills by Thursday

<via Glossier>

Glossier. Over the weekend I stopped by the Glossier Showroom in NYC & picked up two of their lip colors: Jam & Crush. The store is as simply elegant as the rest of their campaign. I love these lipsticks because the color adapts to your own pigment, so each color looks different on every person. It has a creamier feel to it but appears matte after application. The lipstick itself appears more natural than a lot of other lipsticks I own, which is great when going for a less “done-up” look. I also cannot wait to try their other products!


This week, for the first time, I dropped into Pink Soda, a great new blowout bar & full beauty salon in Stamford. I got their signature blowout which took only 45 minutes & lasted the whole weekend! Highly recommend.


It’s no secret I love a good sweet treat. I contacted Hayleycakes and Cookies for these incredible Beyonce themed bachelorette cookies. Just following their Instagram makes me want to become a baker- though I could never even fathom having that much icing talent. Spoiler alert: the cookies taste even better than they look.



What I’m Wearing: Instagram Roundup

Good morning & happy Friday, everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of messages regarding the recent style posts I’ve been posting on Instagram. Would you guys be interested in seeing more style posts? I’ve always shied away from consistent style posts because I truly am a little camera shy but love sharing, especially when it comes to clothes & accessories.

button up // pants (on sale!) // backpack // lip color is Candy K (pencil only)

palm babydoll top** // jeans

**more palm print perfection here

This is by far the most requested outfit. I wore this ensemble to Dave’s brother’s wedding a few weekends ago. A chic alternative to a dress & so comfortable to dance the night away. I love this outfit so much that you may see it reappear in some of our engagement photos.

top // skirt // heels (on sale) // vintage clutch (similar here) // lip color is Candy K (pencil only)

button up // jeans // heels // bag // sunnies // lipstick is Mac Red

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for the weekend, which, thankfully, for me began last evening! This morning I flew to Chicago to celebrate one of my very best friend’s bachelorette. We have a fun filled weekend planned which I’ll be sharing upon my return. As always, feel free to follow along via the gram!


Skincare Must-Haves That Won’t Break Your Bank

Hi dolls! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I spent mine in Clemson, SC tailgating and cheering on the tigers to victory. Have y’all ever tailgated in the south? It’s fantastic – they pull out all the stops, not to mention their team spirit is unrivaled.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite skincare must-haves. I get a lot of questions on this topic so I wanted to share a few items I always keep stocked in my bathroom drawer. This particular list includes easily accessible products that won’t break your bank. Though I thoroughly believe there are a few products one should splurge on- these are sure to give you zero buyers remorse.

*Products listed in a clockwise manner and are available at either Target or Sephora

  1. Neutrogena Make Up Wipes – I love traveling with these! Perfect for removing eye makeup remnants after you’ve washed your face. Or if you can’t wash your face at all.
  2. EOS Shaving Cream – The lavender jasmine scent is heavenly and this thicker cream won’t dry out your legs and leaves your skin silky smooth.
  3. Aveda Green Science Eye Firming Creme – you won’t have to worry about lines with this eye firming creme AND you don’t have to worry about avoiding your eye lids- contrary to most eye creams, it won’t darken your skin!
  4. Frank’s Body Scrub/ Lip Scrub – I know I’ve mentioned Frank’s before but this staple is always in my drawer. I don’t use it all the time but my skin is noticeably softer when I do. The lip scrub is perfect especially when you want to wear a statement lipstick.. you have no time for dry skin.
  5. OGX Biotin & Collagen conditioner – Okay, this isn’t skincare but I felt it was important enough to include. It’s so important to give your hair a break. When I’m not drying/ curling/ straightening, I use a good amount of this on my hair and let it breathe. Feels like silk.
  6. Clarisonic Mia – this is the most expensive item on this list but at $100, I feel it’s essential- I use it every day! The first time you use it, you’ll understand why I’m so obsessed. My skin has never felt cleaner. It’s gross to think about but there’s a lot of dirt that normal face washing doesn’t remove. Trust me on this. If you don’t already have one- stick it on your Christmas list.
  7. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub – this is my favorite cleanser/ scrub to use with my Clarisonic. This scrub is a gentle exfoliator sure to remove any dry skin without leaving your skin raw.
  8. Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh – another great lip scrub and if you’re not a coffee fan, choose this one over Frank’s
  9. Burt’s Bees – I swear by this lip balm. I always have a tube in my purse, on my nightstand, etc.
  10. Sephora Eye Masks – these masks are ideal for early mornings after a late night. When you’re feeling puffy and have dark circles, these masks will leave you looking like you’ve had a full night of beauty rest
  11. Glam Glow – move over Biore Strips, Glam Glow is the new kid in town. This mask dries to visibly show vacuumed spots and once you feel it off- say goodbye to any impurities!
  12. Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer – yes, my moisturizer is from the drug store but I love it! I have used this for years and my combination skin never feels too dry or oily.

What are some of your must-have products?

Just as a little heads up, I’m currently in the process of giving the blog a bit of makeover! I can’t wait launch- stay tuned 🙂


Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Friday eve!! Here are a few of my thrills by today… Thursday!

  1. Recently, one of my very best friends came to visit and we deemed that Saturday Treat Yo Self 2016. It was phenomenal. We of course skipped over to Dry Bar, which is totally my obsession. I love a good blow out and Dry Bar does it best. It was super hot and humid in the city but somehow the magicians at Dry Bar managed to keep our hair under control and looking fabulous for the rest of the night. I’m a sucker for a beautiful aesthetic too and the aura inside Dry Bar is so fun. Lots of white marble with their signature color yellow adorning the decor.. as well as mimosas. Need I say more? Do yourself a favor and treat yo self.

  2. Secondly, I am loving this brand of nail polish: Smith & Cult. As someone who works in the CPG industry, I LOVE good packaging. I love their bottles and the slight imperfection on the caps, so beautiful. Their colors are phenomenal and I can’t help but want to order all the deep oxblood/ marsala colors for fall. The polish itself wore incredibly well and was extremely resilient to water, I only ended up taking it off because my nails grow too quickly. A definite recommend. Has anyone tried their make up? If it’s half as great as their polish, I’m in.
  3. If we’re sticking to the beauty trend here, I’ll admit my faults. For a while I’d be fighting it, but in the end I have to admit… I, too, love the Kylie Jenner lip kits. After trying a friend’s Candy K (circa treat yo self 2016 weekend) I really love the way it wears and the color. I finally caved and last night my very own Kylie Jenner lip kit arrived in the mail. I’ll admit it, I was wrong. What other colors do you guys recommend?



DIY Manicure

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We finally had some beautiful weather on the East Coast and spent most of Saturday outside which was truly fantastic- I am so ready for summer. Today I’m sharing some manicure tips because I always get asked where I get my nails done and to be honest, 99% of the time, I do it myself. It zens me out on Sunday nights and frankly, nothing is more frustrating than paying for a bad manicure that chips two days later.


  1. Start Fresh. I like to use a nail polish remover with a strengthener in it. This helps keep nails strong and minimizes breakage.
  2. File & Cut. File nails to desired length and shape. I always push back and trim my cuticles, too. If you’re nervous about trimming your cuticles, soak your finger tips in warm water and you’ll be able to see the dead skin surrounding the base of your nail.
  3. Buff. If your nails seem uneven or a little flaky, gently use a buffer like the yellow one pictured above. Caution: the more you buff your nails, you are essentially thinning them out. Unless you have grooves you need to remove, I don’t do this step as often.
  4. Wash. At this point, you’ve used nail polish remover, filed your nails and cut cuticles. Wash & dry your hands to remove any nail dust or remaining nail polish remover.
  5. All About That Base. I swear by using Seche Vite, top and base coat. Early in college, I had a manicurist who swore by it and I’ve been using it ever since. Using a base coat helps even out the color on your nail as well as helps out if you decide to remove the color. (Removing vibrant or deep colors without a base coat is a nightmare!)
  6. Paint. This is usually where people freak out. Ensure your base coat is dry, go slowly and use minimal brush strokes. The more strokes you use, the more likely it is that you’ll see them when it dries. I never paint all the way to my cuticle – I leave the teeniest, tiniest space and stop the brush a hair’s width away from my cuticle. When the color hits your cuticle, it’s likely to stain the skin and we don’t want that. I never paint more than 2 coats of color; any more than that and it’s likely to get globby. On the last coat of color, I brush polish on the tip of my nail. That is the key to avoiding chipping.


    Brand wise, I’m normally a sworn Essie Girl. I love their colors, brush size and the fact that it wears really well. Recently, I’ve been loving JRJ. Their nail polish is formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin and camphor FREE. Plus it’s made right here in the U.S.A. and in the great state, my home state, Ohio! The wearability is great and the colors are to die for. Check them out!

  7. Top It Off. After your color is dry, with the Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat, apply a thin coat to the nail and the tip of the nail to seal in the color. This stuff dries SO quickly but I always advise giving yourself a little time because even though it’s dry, your nails are still vulnerable to bumps or heavy pressure. And nothing is more annoying than messing up the manicure you just worked so hard on.

After a few trial runs, you’ll be able to whiz through this process in 20 minutes like a pro.
To make your mani last longer, be sure to moisturize your hands, especially your cuticles. Also, if you’re washing dishes or using cleaning products, throw on some rubber gloves.




Getting Dirty with Frank

Happy Monday, babes!

Did you all have good weekends? Mine was very relaxing and I’m looking forward to a ski trip this coming weekend in New York. I wanted to share a product with all of you that I tried out yesterday… it’s also my newest obsession: Frank Body Coffee Scrub.

I tried out the original coffee body scrub and lip scrub and my skin has been rejoicing ever since. I have to admit, I don’t drink coffee or really even enjoy the smell but the scrub scent isn’t overpowering. After you rinse off in the shower, apply the scrub onto your skin. As with all exfoliants, you can scrub as hard or as soft as you like. Once rubbed on, let the scrub sit for 10 minutes or so and rinse. Depending on your skin type, you may want to rinse with a light body wash.  The coffee gives off a beautiful glow and leaves your skin silky smooth. I can’t say enough good things about this scrub and at $15 it’s an amazing deal.

Alright babes, that’s all for today. May your Monday be short & your coffee be strong!