• Three Thrills

    After graduation festivities this past weekend, my mom stayed with me an extra night so we could have a girls day on Monday. Since my mom was out west enjoying sunny Arizona on Mother’s Day, I took her to one of my favorite places for a belated Mother’s Day lunch, L’Albatros. Since college, this has been one of my very favorite places…

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    “Mastering” the Weekend

    What a whirlwind of a weekend but the past few days have been absolutely wonderful. On Friday, a big group of friends met downtown to head to the Indian’s game only to find a drizzly 50 degree evening (it’s Cleveland-so no one was surprised…). We never ended up making it to the game but spending time with this group really…

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    What I Learned in Grad School

      (my tassel and hood all ready to go!) When I began to job search after college, something didn’t feel quite right. I had always wanted a Masters degree and began to wonder why I hadn’t applied earlier. So I gathered as many study guides as I could and threw myself into a two week- long study sesh before I took…

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    Three Thrills by Thursday

    Three thrills from my week so far.. 1. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working on the Goodtime III to shoot a commercial. It was a gorgeous afternoon and only got a little cloudy for a few minutes which is when I snapped this picture, but I love it.  And who says we don’t have a good skyline?! 2. We finally got a taste…

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    Luscious Lips

    I love lipstick. And nothing ruins a good statement lipstick like dry lips. It never seems to sit quite right on your lips and can end up looking grainy and accentuating the dead skin (ew). This lip scrub is easy to make and you probably already have most of these ingredients around your kitchen: 1 tablespoon raw coconut oil 2…

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