• Whirlwind Weekend

    This weekend was filled with a Whole Foods 5×7, a quick but wonderful trip to my hometown and two sunny days with the best of friends. I couldn’t begin to guesstimate the amount of laughter shared this weekend. It’s going to be a great summer! Saturday morning, before I ventured back to my hometown, I took a few minutes to “zen…

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    Three Thrills

    After graduation festivities this past weekend, my mom stayed with me an extra night so we could have a girls day on Monday. Since my mom was out west enjoying sunny Arizona on Mother’s Day, I took her to one of my favorite places for a belated Mother’s Day lunch, L’Albatros. Since college, this has been one of my very favorite places…

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    “Mastering” the Weekend

    What a whirlwind of a weekend but the past few days have been absolutely wonderful. On Friday, a big group of friends met downtown to head to the Indian’s game only to find a drizzly 50 degree evening (it’s Cleveland-so no one was surprised…). We never ended up making it to the game but spending time with this group really…

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    What I Learned in Grad School

      (my tassel and hood all ready to go!) When I began to job search after college, something didn’t feel quite right. I had always wanted a Masters degree and began to wonder why I hadn’t applied earlier. So I gathered as many study guides as I could and threw myself into a two week- long study sesh before I took…

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    Three Thrills by Thursday

    Three thrills from my week so far.. 1. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working on the Goodtime III to shoot a commercial. It was a gorgeous afternoon and only got a little cloudy for a few minutes which is when I snapped this picture, but I love it.  And who says we don’t have a good skyline?! 2. We finally got a taste…

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