• Three Thrills by Thursday

    It’s no secret I love Jimmy Fallon. His show keeps me giggling and this clip isn’t a disappointment. The Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine on Jimmy Fallon. (even if you hate it– they’re not too bad to look at!) Whenever I travel, I like to enjoy what’s local for dinner. Lobster in Maine, Texas barbecue, Crab cakes in Maryland…

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    “The Best Years of Your Life”

    Last night, I drove past my alma mater on my way home which left me feeling nostalgic about “the best years of my life.” The campus seemed quiet but inevitably the students would wake up to their first day of classes and it would be hustle and bustle until finals end for the semester. When I was in high school, I…

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    Three Thrills by Thursday

    I don’t know if it’s felt like this for you, but this week has moved at a glacial pace. I am so thankful it’s Thursday and we have a long weekend ahead of us!! My three thrills for this week are from three blogs I frequent: 1. Glitter Guide’s Guide to Champagne Glasses. It’s no secret I love bubbly and…

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    Highlight: Paperless Post

      Happy Monday everyone. Today I want to highlight one of my favorite apps: Paperless Post. I realize this is coming the Monday after I posted about handwritten notes, however, sometimes urgency dictates another vehicle (thank you, technology!) It doesn’t take a lot to let someone know you are thinking of them and a personalized e-card can be a great (and quick)…

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    5 Tips for a Thoughtful Thank You Note

    Many people underestimate the power of a handwritten note and it is a novelty I fear our society is losing. Isn’t it always the handwritten notes that mean the most? No one plans to go through their gmail account for a trip down memory lane but cards and notes from our loved ones always end up in a special box or place in…

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