• Highlight: The Skimm

    Good morning!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine can be defined in one word: chaos. It was so much fun crammed into 2 very busy days. I’m definitely hoping for a more restful week (do those exist?) Today I want to highlight my new obsession, The Skimm. Just enter your email address and you’ll receive an email every…

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    Three Thrills

    Whew! What a week! This week has been a whirlwind and it’s only picking up speed into the weekend. Here are my three thrills for this week: 1. This kid is apparently still my favorite internet sensation. His appearance on Ellen is seriously the best. 2. Sex and the City has been dishing up relationship advice for years- as far as relationships,…

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    Seriously Delish Review

    Happy Monday, friends! Ok, so last week I was telling you all about my new Seriously Delish cookbook. I have been a long time follower of the blog, How Sweet Eats and  today I’m “reviewing” the book. And I won’t leave you all in suspense: Seriously Delish is….well, seriously delish.  I spent the weekend trying a few different recipes, each one was…

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    Three Thrills by Thursday

    Well… we made it to Thursday. Lately I’ve been lamenting about how slowly the week seems to go and then before I know it I’m writing this post. Here are my three thrills for the week! 1. I am beyond excited to attend the Seriously Delish book signing this weekend in Hudson. I couldn’t contain my excitement so of course…

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    Falling into Autumn: A Checklist

    Though Cleveland weather is always inconsistent, I believe we may have plunged into fall this week. Even on the warmer days at the beginning of the week, the air had a familiar crispness to it that I haven’t felt since this time last year; giving me that “finally fall” feeling. Fall presents me with this innate desire for mulled cider, the excitement of…

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