• Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cream Cheese

    Sometimes a girl just needs to indulge. The perfect way to do that without killing your bank account? A chocolate chip cookie. I was in the mood to bake and wanted to try something new. Instead of making large cookies, I decided to try a new recipe and make the cookies much smaller; two bites worth. This new recipe includes…

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    Three Thrills by Thursday

    1. Last night a group of my girlfriends got together for dinner, pumpkin carving and American Horror Story. Traditionally, my pumpkins (and crafts) never turn out as I plan. I’ve got the idea but crumble in the execution. This year I went with something simple and I’m liking the way it turned out! 2. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness…

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    Divulging on Detox

    Whether you’ve been over indulging on the weekends or just looking to be healthier overall, a great way to “restart” is finding ways to detox. Whenever I hear the word I used to immediately assume it meant starving yourself and drinking a witch-like concoction, something with cayenne pepper, lemon and like..dead man’s toe (Hocus Pocus, anyone?) But there are actually many…

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    Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries

    As the temperatures drop, my desire for warm comfort food increases. Gone are the warm days of craving a salad- ugh. These fries are very simple and very delicious. Comfort food yet not a bowl of buttery mashed potatoes. What you’ll need: 1 sweet potato fresh rosemary Krazy Jane’s Mixed Up Salt olive oil parmesan (*optional)   1. Preheat your…

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    Weekend Update

    Happy Monday, friends! We spent this weekend in Columbus and I particularly love Short North and Grandview areas which, if possible, are even more charming with the changing of the season. Though the weekend flew by, we kept ourselves busy and had a great time catching up with old friends. We even wandered into a bar with a hidden champagne button…

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