Summer Smoothie

Nothing says summer to me like fresh fruit, especially watermelon. It feels so sumer exclusive so when they hit the store, I just have to take one home, spend time carefully hacking it apart finally to enjoy it. Today I got a little adventurous in the kitchen using watermelon and my other favorite fruits: strawberries and blueberries. I wish I could…

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Lovely Lavender

A while ago, I wrote about my lavender spider repellent that I took on my glamping trip . But the truth is, I love using my lavender essential oil for many different reasons. Here are just a few: 1. Breakouts. A drop of lavender essential oil on breakouts should speed up healing. 2. Migrane Headaches. Mix a few drops of…

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Track Your Day in Style

My newest workout want is the Fitbit Flex. Available in many different colors, this bracelet style wristband tracks your:   Steps, Distance & Calories Burned Active Minutes Sleep It also wirelessly syncs to your online and/or mobile account and allows for goal setting. As I was about to order, I thought sure this seems great, but will I really want…

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Three Thrills by Thursday

My thrills this week are: 1. This weekend I had my first experience at the Cleveland Flea. We ended up with some great treasures and some delicious crepes–mmm. I was excited to see many Cleveland based vendors that I follow on social media or Etsy and actually get to meet the creators. I can’t wait until the next Flea on August…

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Pretty Please Nail Polish

My mom and I love the cheeky Essie nail polish names so much that we used to imagine ladies who would come up with them. They’d be sipping fruity drinks, giggling over the color palette, maybe even on a beach somewhere, coming up with clever titles (can I get that job!?). Sometimes I’m convinced to buy even if it’s not a color I’d…

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