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What a doozy the last few months have been. You’d think the older I get, I’d have more of a grasp on the ebbs and flows and chaos of life however I am constantly amazed at how complex our emotions can be & just how many can live in our hearts simultaneously.

Today marks three years since my dad has passed. Back in February, I brought these tulips back from Amsterdam because we always talked about seeing the tulip fields there together. It was so special to see them bloom in the yard the last few weeks. I know my dad would’ve loved them.

When my dad passed, my brain tried it’s best to prepare me for all the typical things that happen when you lose a loved one. Like things they’ll miss out on, life events, potential grandchildren, etc. What I didn’t prepare myself for or really even expect, were the specific questions or life moments I’d need advice on; especially when I feel like the answer would be so obvious to him.

Amongst of a laundry list of other things, I also very much wish I could tell him that the clothes he bought for me years ago, that I then hated, I now wear often and get the most compliments on. But I’m thinking he already knows that 🙂

On a much brighter note, I was able to skip down to Florida in March while my mom was on her girls spring break trip and see her and some of my “aunts” aka my mom’s besties. It was a quick trip but so nice to see her and soak up a little sun! It felt so nice to be able to wear a dress and feel the sun instead of the layers I was wearing in Connecticut.

During my last annual visit with my primary care physician, I addressed some concerns I had and was referred for a mammogram and ultrasound. I anxiously awaited the day for the appointment to come as I was scheduled out for six weeks and when it did, thankfully everything came back clean and there is nothing to worry about.

Please, please, please let this serve as a reminder to check in with your doctors and schedule your annual exams! Do it for you, do it for the people you love!

There have also been so many fun parties and events that have happened in our community. One of my favorite thing about spring is the amount of events and opportunities I have to get together with friends.

We hosted some friends and I made this very delicious pesto and goat cheese pasta salad. I’m making a mental note to share this delicious recipe ASAP!

Ran to the beach for happy hour on the first surprise 80 degree day of the season, only to make it just in time for rain. Thankfully chats with good friends and rainbows make the rain worth it.

May was ushered in surrounded by pink blooms, which is a pretty great way to start a month, if you ask me.

And last weekend, my bestie came to visit. We made this reel (lol!) which truly felt like it embodied the feeling when you get to be with your best friend after too long apart. I was so happy to be able to spend the weekend with her and truthfully there is no better feeling than just sitting on the couch on a sunny, Saturday morning having coffee with your BFF.

I’m looking forward to a busy May and summer ahead. Being able to spend more time outside in the sun has been so lovely and I truthfully cannot wait for more. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week ahead. xx



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