Hello 2024! It seems surreal that it’s January 4th already. My “I’ll circle back after the new year” has caught up to me. Ahh! The end of the year always feels especially chaotic. It’s a lot of really wonderful things all packed into a tiny time period with the addition of a lot of logistics so by this point of the new year, I’m ready for several naps. I always reserve the first Saturday of the year as a ‘me’ day and aside from 1-2 errands, I try to force myself to just lay low. The first few months of the year are already shaping up to be busy so I know I’ll need to bank a day of relaxation up front.
Today I wanted to share my 2024 ins and outs. I thought this trend was so fun, especially because the whole concept of new year’s resolutions can feel negative. “Don’t do this” “Don’t eat that” it’s a lot of pressure to put on ourselves. The last few years, the goals that I set at the end of December for the new year have had a much more positive spin and I’ve accomplished more of them than ever!
Here are my 2024 ins and outs!


  • quality > quantity // just a general rule of thumb it applies in just about every avenue of life.
  • not caring if an outfit is ‘a little too much’ // I recently bought a pearl beret. I saw it in the store and thought “I love it but it’s too much” … In about 3 minutes I determined that I no longer care if an accessory is “too much”
  • red nails // this isn’t necessarily new but I’ve just enjoyed wearing red on my nails more frequently lately
  • my Ina Garten era // since moving into our house, I haven’t spent as much time cooking and trying new recipes as I used to. Making a mental note to take more time to try new recipes and cook because I love hosting friends over for dinner. How fabulous is that? 😉
  • one unscheduled weekend day a month // I burn myself out… fast. This year I’m trying to have one weekend day a month with no strict schedule so I don’t end up feeling like I need a week in bed.
  • hydrating // I am really horrible about hydrating, especially in the colder months. Really pushing staying hydrated this year, I know I need to.
  • snail mail // I love sending and receiving snail mail. It’s just a really lovely gesture and I plan to do it more in 2024.
  • breakfast before coffee / matcha // I think this is on every list I’ve seen but I know you’re not supposed to drink coffee on an empty stomach so it made the list.
  • 8 hours of sleep // I get up early almost daily for Pure Barre classes so making sure I get adequate sleep the night before is crucial.
  • crosswords // Last year I got a crossword book from a friend and I realized how much I enjoy it and the time away from screens.
  • pajama sets // This is not new for me. I love a good pajama set and will continue to wearing them into 2024 even after my mom saw my pajama drawer while visiting and exclaimed “is that entire drawer ALL pajamas?!” … yes, it is 🙂
  • skincare > makeup // The older I get, the more I don’t love the way makeup feels on my face. I certainly need a touch here and there but this year I’ll continue to prioritize skincare and skin health over covering my skin with a lot of makeup.


  • comparison // The thief of all joys. Bye.
  • over scheduling // I do not need to be SO busy. Bye.
  • fast fashion // Remember when I said quality over quantity? Bye.
  • microtrends // Ew, just bye!
  • tiktok before bed // Overall just wanting to be more intentional about the time I’m spending online instead of the continuous scroll, especially before bed. Bye.
  • absorbing others bad energy // As someone who is very affected by others energy, I am just going to remove myself when I feel it coming. Bye.
  • second guessing // Life’s too short! Bye.
  • procrastinating // This one ties in with “focusing” because often times I have so much on my plate that I’ll prioritize something I prefer doing to something I know needs done. So instead of procrastinating, I’m focusing on what needs accomplished in what order and eating the frog first! Bye!
What are some of your 2024 ins and outs?