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I don’t know about you guys but every time I finally sit down and have a second to write one of these, I’m continually flabbergasted by how quickly time seems to be moving. Our once “busy summer” schedules have shifted into fall and while it’s all amazing and wonderful things (I always remind myself of this because I’ve been through times when it’s not all amazing things) it still can feel like a lot.

When we haven’t been traveling, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy locally. A few weeks ago we attended my favorite fall activity, Sound On Sound, which had an incredible musical lineup again this year. I wore my new Hunter boots, because it’s rained literally every Saturday this fall, and was glad I did. The festival was two days worth of fun and I already am excited for next year.

Some of our best friends were in town from Toronto and we had a nice (but yes, rainy) Saturday with them in Brooklyn. While the boys were interested in a Rugby game, Meg and I snuck away to grab two bar seats at Lilia, which was as magical as I had dreamed it to be. The entire menu is fantastic but you MUST try your best to save a little room for dessert.

Last weekend, we were in Boston for Head of the Charles. It was my first time and it was incredible to see the teams compete. Rowing is such a beautiful sport! And yes, on Saturday, it absolutely rained making a nice muddy Sunday but again, thankful this was the year I decided to refresh my pair of Hunter boots. We were so thankful for a little sun on Sunday.

I was also so happy to see my friend, Abby, and meet so many fun people. Weekends like that really make my heart happy.

In the few and far between moments of stillness, I try to remind myself something that I’ve been saying a lot this year: “booked, busy, and blessed”. I started jokingly saying this with a colleague earlier in the year. He has the sweetest hint of a low southern twang which just makes everything sound better but in the chaos I try to remind myself that so much of what makes me busy are things I’ve been manifesting for years.

I’ve been loving reading Glossy, all about the rise of Glossier and keeping up with my journey to Platinum Barre at Pure Barre. It’s been tough with so much travel but I’ve squeezed in classes left and right to make it work. I’m only 3 more classes away from completing the Fall Challenge, too!

After so many home projects last spring, we took a break for the summer and now I’m starting to get the itch again. We have a lot of things on the to do list but man oh man am I ready to redo our kitchen. I think we’ll likely start with a few more pressing/ less costly issues, but a girl can dream, right?

Lastly, tonight I am trying a new skincare treatment that I’ve never tried before. It’s a bigger procedure than I’ve done before with a few days of downtime so, of course, I’ll be taking you through the process on insta if you want to follow along!


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