What’s In My Cart

I am not ready to let go of summer just yet. It’s hard to even imagine wearing a sweater in these temperatures so my mind is more on transitional pieces. Here’s a glimpse of a few things in my cart or that I’ve had my eye on.

  1. Tangerine Pickleball Paddle. I’ve been dying to pick up pickleball this summer but truthfully have been so busy I haven’t had the chance to hit the court yet. However, I know I’ll at least look the part with this gorgeous paddle. You can use the code ANNABNB10 for some $$ off your very own paddle!
  2. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. I recently integrated this into my skincare routine and am loving the results.
  3. Wide Leg Trousers. I’ve been on a hunt for these the past few weeks. As someone with more muscular (and short) legs, wide leg pants aren’t always the most flattering silhouette for me. All I can think is that I look like someone wearing JNCO jeans and that’s a big no for me! LOL
  4. Puff Sleeve Midi Shirtdress. I tried this dress on in person and immediately had to have it. SUCH a flattering silhouette, has pockets, and will be perfect for layering once the temperatures start to drop.
  5. Cotton Poplin Shirt in Stripe. Hi Barbie! Love this bright pop for running errands or popping to the farmer’s market on the weekend. Pair with jean shorts on the warmer days or with jeans on the cooler ones.
  6. NARS Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick Lipstick. This is a great lip color that will leave your lips hydrated even hours after it’s applied. I love some of the warmer colors for fall; I used Over The Taupe last year and will definitely be repurchasing this year.
  7. Brochu Walker Morning Light. I was enticed by the name alone at first but as I’ve gotten more familiar with this brand, everything they touch is GOLD. I can’t wait to try this!
  8. Hadyn Sandals. Want a shoe that is reminiscent of the Hermes Oran Sandals? This Steve Madden pair is right along those lines, pretty comfortable, and at $80 (compared to $700!) practically considered a steal!
  9. Draper James Mickey Pajama Set. If you’ve followed along for a while, you know I LOVE Draper James pajamas. The fabric is so, so soft and they wash like a dream. I have sets that like 3 years old and look brand new. I love this new addition of the frills on the hemline.
  10. Solai French Riviera 100% Linen Dress. This desire directly stems from aggressive Instagram ads and unless anybody can tell me differently, I’m dying for this dream. It’s clearly popular because it’s been out of stock almost all summer but I love the look and that Olive color..ugh I could die it’s so beautiful!
  11. Limelight Statement Earrings. A lot of you follow my beautiful friend, Abby, but if you didn’t know already, she has an amazing collab with Lisi Lerch (I am obsessed with them, too!). She makes gorgeous statement earrings that you can choose to purchase with a post or as a clip on. Genius. I love statement earrings but can’t wear heavy posts so I love that this is an option.
  12. Max Mini from J. Lowery. I’ve been watching this brand for months and lusting over..well, all their bags. At the moment, I’m drawn to this beautiful Cognac color. I’m thinking it might need to come home with me.

What’s currently in your cart? What should I have my eye on next?


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