My New Makeup Routine

I know I teased this on instagram stories but last month I scheduled a lesson with my friend Khira who is an incredibly talented makeup artist. I was feeling less than great about my changing skin and how makeup was looking when applied. During our lesson, Khira went through the products I was using and we’d want to keep or discontinue using them. I wasn’t married to any product in particular so we did pretty much a complete overhaul.

I wanted to share the products in my new routine and why I’m loving them…especially ahead of the Sephora Sale.

Rare Beauty Blushes – I have really slept on this brand and I’m ticked no one forced me to try it earlier; its amazing. I love these creme blushes. You barely need any to have beautiful coverage and the shades are lovely. For me, I’m mixing Bliss (ironic, I know) with a tiny dot of Joy for a hint of that peachy pink.

NUDESTIX Nudies Matte Cream Bronzer in Terracotta – I’m using this for my bronzer and applying with this brush.

Rare Beauty Positive Light Under Eye Brightener – OK wow, this product alone is insane. Keeps my under-eye hydrated but not greasy and combined with my new concealer, I can look like I get 12 hours a sleep a night.

Pat McGrath Labs Full Coverage Concealer – I’ve always struggled with smudgey under eye (nothing like realizing you look like a raccoon mid-afternoon) but this helps keep me crease free and bright-eyed.

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm – loving this balm over this lip liner.

Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder – the holy grail. You will not crease or the magical use for me, NO mascara lines on your under eye. Its heaven.

Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight – I am using the shade Mesmerize and loving it. Also using it on my eye lids for a little extra sparkle.

Lancome Lash Idôle – I have always been a fan of Lancome mascara but this one is new to me and I’m really liking it. This mascara in combination with the Invisimatte keeps my under eye clean all day which I love.

Rose Inc Skin Enhance Luminous Skin Tint Serum Foundation – I had never heard of this brand until my meeting with Khira but this is a very nice lightweight skin tint. You do need to mix this on the back of your hand before applying with a brush but I love the way it feels on my skin.

MILK Pore Eclipse Mattifying + Blurring Makeup Primer – This is my first time really using a primer but I love how secure it makes my makeup feel on my face. I know that’s an odd description but the texture is very matte and light but I feel like it just holds everything in place while hiding some of those imperfections on the face.



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