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Hey yall! It’s been a while. January felt like the longest month ever, February flew and now we’re into March. This is definitely my least favorite part of the year. Besides skiing, I can’t say I’m much of a winter girly. Thank goodness the sun is finally peeking out and my 6am barre classes aren’t bookmarked by, what felt like, infinite darkness. It’s around this time of year I start to get anxious for spring & warmer weather. We are thankfully headed to Charleston in a few weeks so spend a long weekend in the sunshine and let tell you, I cannot wait to wear a summer dress. I am over my sweaters.

So here’s what’s going on lately..

Self Care

I’ve been really focused on self care the last few weeks. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1.   Scheduled my Q1 check in with my financial advisor. I always feel so good after our meetings; nothing better than having a good plan.
  2. Worked with Cassie and the amazing team at Skinlab to overhaul my skincare routine. I don’t know how else to explain it but my skin wasn’t skinning. It was dry, acting up, etc. So I made a consultation to go through everything I was using on my skin, what I need to be using, and what I need to stop using. I cannot recommend enough going through this process. I’ll be the first one to admit I’m not an expert in all things but these ladies are so I’ll let them take the wheel. We landed on a back to basics approach to get my skin (which had a badly damaged skin barrier) back to baseline then adding in supplementary products each week. I’m almost 4 weeks in and my skin is finally starting to feel more hydrated and less volatile.

3. I scheduled appointments with Dr. Brian Murphy at Stamford Spine. I had been dealing with some back and shoulder pain for a long time but had been ignoring it, hoping it would go away on its own. It wasn’t so I went in to see the team at Stamford Spine. I really like their approach because besides chiropractic intervention, they combine each appointment with a massage therapist and a physical therapist which has been hugely helpful. The pain in my shoulder is diminishing and I’m getting stronger in areas that have been weakened by these little injuries.

4. I scheduled all my yearly doctor appointments. I did my yearly physical last week and got the rest of the appointments on the calendar for the year and it feels good to have that handled. I post this a lot on stories whenever I go but here’s your reminder that any health issue that a doctor may find is going to be much easier to handle with early detection. For example, I have notoriously low vitamin B despite my best efforts to incorporate it into my diet. It’s easier to the find that out now than be deficient for years and try to rectify it then. All I’m saying is, you owe it yourself and to your loved ones to take care of yourself. If you haven’t scheduled these appointments for yourself yet this year, please use this as your reminder!

5. Keeping my barre routine. As many of you know, I’ve been super consistent with my classes at Pure Barre for the last year but in February I reached my initial goal of 15 classes a month for a year. It would’ve been easy to hit my goal and move onto something else but I found something I really love in Pure Barre so no matter how dreary the morning, I get my tush to class which has done wonders for my mental health during this typical seasonal blues-y months.

New Habits in 2023

I try to be realistic with myself that there’s only a certain amount of time in every day but between work, working on B&B, the house, and other miscellaneous things that come up, I try to add in something new. Last year I read a book a month which listen, I know it’s not a lot but guys, free time (and sitting still) isn’t something I do well so getting in twelve via audiobook was a real win. This year, along with the audiobooks, I’ve been designating some time in the DuoLingo app. I wanted to brush up on some languages that I don’t often use and truthfully, I plan on traveling much more this year and would like be a bit more on my game. They make the lessons really fun so I’m crossing my fingers it sticks!

House Updates

We took a little break on major house updates during the holidays so it wouldn’t be such a construction zone for a few get togethers we planned and to host and my mom visiting over Christmas. We recently finished the garage and are starting the floors in the first floor office. I truly wasn’t prepared for how slowly these updates happen, even if you feel like you’re keeping the process moving along. Hoping to make some headway before we hit a year in the house in August but I guess time will tell.

Making Plans

It feels like as we get older, we book up even faster than the year before. This year there is a lot of travel on the books and I couldn’t be more excited. The next big one after Charleston is a work trip where my BFF will also be working in the same location that week- we’re staying over the weekend for some fun and I can’t wait! I’m hoping to have a few international trips on the books but still finalizing and I don’t want to jinx it 😉 I can’t wait to share once we finally nail a few more places down.

Lately in Photos

a very delicious Valentine’s Day

in the room where it happens…finally

Vermont from a chairlift

Two (I swear!) smiling skiers

tea with a dear friend at The Whitby


I hope all is well with you. I’m looking forward to being able to dedicate a bit more time back the blog so it won’t be so long again next time. For daily updates, make sure to follow me on the ‘gram.


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