Review: Feast & Fettle Meal Delivery

Today I want to share my experience with the popular meal delivery service, Feast & Fettle. I tried a week’s worth of meals last November and since it made such a great first impression, I wanted to see if it would be as great the second time. Since we were traveling over the holidays, I figured delivery on the first Monday in January would be excellent timing to not have to travel back to Connecticut and immediately worry about meal prepping for the week. Spoiler alert: it was just as great the second time.

c/o the Feast & Fettle website

The process is super simple. Menus are released two weeks in advance on the Feast & Fettle website where you can select your entrees and sides. If you need a little inspiration, they offer chef recommendations for certain sides with certain entrees to make it SUPER easy. Sometimes it’s just nice to not have to think about it at all. The website shows pictures and details so you know what you’re getting into. Once you select your menu and delivery day you’re all set.

It’s also important to note that you can add dietary restrictions, allergies, and even notes on the order so there are no surprises.

On delivery day, Feast & Fettle sends a text to inform you of the delivery status. Because the meals are made completely fresh, they come ready to be refrigerated (there’s a cooler in the F&F bag) never frozen. They’re delivered on a truck, never through the mail.

c/o the Feast & Fettle website

The meals come with an instruction sheet on how to reheat each item properly which only takes about 10 minutes max.

The package I selected was 4 entrees and eight sides:


Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles
Miso Teriyaki Salmon
Chicken Tikka Masala
Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Applesauce


Honey-Thyme Roasted Carrots
Roasted Broccolini with Pinenuts & Parmesan
Vegetable Biryani
Plain Naan Bread
Sweet Potato-Chickpea Mash
Kale Harvest Salad with Bacon & Shallot Vinaigrette
Each entree includes two portions and the sides are definitely meant to share.

Pictured above: Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Applesauce, Sweet Potato-Chickpea Mash, and Roasted Broccolini with Pinenuts & Parmesan

Ok so here’s what you really want to know: how’s the food? It’s fantastic! My general point of view on meal delivery service is you’re just eating glorified leftovers but I was really blown away by how fresh and flavorful all the food was, even on the last day. It felt like I was eating a freshly made meal each night. The veggies and salad were crisp and they pre-portion any dressing or sauces on the side to ensure maximum freshness. The entrees were perfect for the two of us, perfectly seasoned, and well prepared.

Normally Dave and I are so busy during the week that we don’t get to eat dinner together as our schedules differ but we pulled together a mini date night at home and enjoyed the herb crusted pork tenderloin together.

There are so many reasons I love Feast & Fettle:

  1. Meals are locally prepared. It’s a real person who delivers them on your delivery date and you can tell it was all just assembled before its dropped off.
  2. Menus change weekly so you aren’t stuck eating the same thing every week.
  3. The food is so fresh & flavorful. I love being able to come home from a busy day and know I’m having a delicious meal without too much fuss.
  4. There is no forced subscription. This one is a BIG one for me. You can literally just sign up the week or two ahead for when you want delivery. Only need it for a week this month but three weeks next month? No worries, Feast & Fettle is super flexible which allows you to be, too!
  5. You can add add-ons! If you do the 4 entree option like I did, you can choose and extra side, desert, or entree to make sure the meals work for you. This is especially great if you’re expecting company during the week.

I hope this was a helpful review. I truly haven’t had much luck with meal delivery services in the past so I’m so glad to have found Feast & Fettle. Click here to see if they deliver in your area code!


* A big thank you to Feast & Fettle for sponsoring this post. As always, you can expect honest reviews & opinions here on Bliss & Bellinis. Feast & Fettle will continue to be my go-to meal delivery service. 

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