The One Thing That Completely Changed My Skin

This is my face the morning after SkinClear at Skinlab. SkinClear is a pore-refining chemical peel treatment. As you can see, this is the reddest I got and since it’s a minor peel, my skin didn’t actually peel but it’s smooth and soft as can be. We love a no downtime treatment.

Ok you’re probably here to read about “the one thing that completely changed my skin” and while it’s not one specific product, it’s a philosophy..

If you’ve hung around here for a while, you know I’m constantly singing the praises of Dr. Kim Nichols, NicholsMD, and Skinlab. When I first became a client at at NicholsMD, I was on a mission to get my skin absolutely perfect before my wedding day. (Spoiler alert, it was!)

After my initial consultation, I was getting regular facials, microneedling, etc but I can attribute the biggest change to my skin to having a trusted derm, like Dr. Nichols (and her wonderfully brilliant team) and taking their recommendations based on my unique skin. While yes skin can be “dry” or “oily” or “combination skin” all skin is unique and can be behave differently with various products.

I was growing tired of seeing a skin trend or product online, spending money at Sephora, only to realize the product did not work for me. During a recent facial, one the wonderful estheticians, Cassie, asked me if I had ever used retinol. I have used it before, it was the buzzy product-  but I really felt like my skin rejected it. Through chatting with her, she was able to recommend a much better product that works for me to yield the same result and keep my redness (which the retinol was emphasizing) at bay.

It’s the same with skin treatments and procedures. Just because Hydrafacials are super popular, it may not be what your skin needs.

Having a unique skin routine may sound expensive but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than impulse buying skincare at Sephora. Through one appointment, the Nichols team can recommend your morning and evening routines, even including some of your can’t-live-without products. I love to use Sunday Riley’s Good Genes but Cassie was able to recommend how often and how much I should be using to get the best result for my skin.



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