Fairfield County’s Most Instagrammable Picnics

As many of you know, I write for Westport Lifestyle, a local magazine here in Fairfield County. This month, I got to chat with three awesome ladies who are creating the most instagrammable picnics. I love chatting with them so much that I wanted to share their story here as well. Also, anytime I find a Cleveland connection out here, my heart soars so imagine my surprise when Gloria told me she went to John Carroll (my alma mater!)

Last summer, Gloria Garvey, Gina Merolla, and Kris Greer planned a birthday party for Kris’s daughter. They had seen a few beautiful picnic setups on Instagram and thought “we can do that!” And they were right. Not only did they do that but they were really good at it. With just one picnic under their belt, Posh Picnics CT was born.

After the design mavens created their signature Boho Picnic theme setup, which boasts rich jewel tones and a very cool teepee, they they wanted to bring in another color combination, prompting their Coastal Chic theme with light and airy blue, white, and soft accents.

The picnics proved so popular they added kids’ parties: Posh Petites. Like Posh Picnics, Posh Petites offers themes, like Dino Roar, Magical (think mermaids & unicorns), Frozen, and more, but if you’re looking for a specific theme the ladies will customize one for you.

They’ve done picnics for date night, girls night, happy hours, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, backyard soirees, beach sunsets, kids birthdays, living room setups, and beyond. The favorite, so far, may be the one in a castle for a proposal. Kris recalls, “We set up a picnic inside a limestone castle where a couple was to get engaged. We had hundreds of candles; it was beautiful.” From June to December 2021 (yes, those were some of the indoor events) these ladies created 33 events and plan to be even busier this year.

All you have to do is show up and enjoy. The posh picnickers set-up, run, and take down the props, plates, and tables like a well-oiled machine.

Gloria’s basement is their designing headquarters, where they dream up the design scheme, set-up, and take-down. “Everyone has their job,” explains Gloria. “Gina handles the pillows which get sorted by color, Kris and I attack the table. Kris takes the garbage and I take the linens. We unload everything at my house afterwards. Now we’ve gotten clean-up down to 20 minutes.”

all photography by Chris Greer

Imagine showing up at the beach, with a bottle of wine and some snacks (the Posh Picnic team doesn’t supply food or beverage, but if you’d like your event catered, they can recommend a myriad of great vendors) and one of these picturesque setups is waiting for you with absolutely zero schlepping! Heaven! Follow them on instagram!

If you want to read more of this month’s issue of Westport Lifestyle, you can here.


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