My Experience with Pure Barre

photo by Frances V. Isaac Photography

When I first moved out to the east coast 6 years ago, I took a barre class a studio by my apartment and, well… hated it. Growing up a classically trained ballet dancer, the moves are *just* different enough to really make the learning curve very apparent…and frustrating. I tried to tough it out for a while but the studio was extremely toxic and truthfully I was counting the days until my membership wrapped up.

Fast forward. A goal of mine this year is to “find a way to move my body that I actually enjoy” and I recently re-emphasized the goal because I realized, the only way I’m going to fulfill that goal is to try new ways of moving. So, about a month ago, on a whim, I signed up for a classic class at Pure Barre Darien. I wanted to give barre another go and start with something low impact. The few cardio workouts I’ve tried in the last year are much more difficult with my covid long hauler symptoms (insert the “arms above your head, can’t get air” type of breathing… it’s not enjoyable, productive, or cute).

I took two classes at the end of February and actually really enjoyed it. Like any time you try something new, I flailed around and looked like a deer in headlights especially as we went from the floor to the barre to the floor.. but the teachers were so patient, offered so many helpful corrections and talked through the flow of each class. I have a hard time not being good at something so this was a big step out for me but I kept reminding myself of my new favorite manta: I am not afraid of someone seeing me try something new. Also speaking of the teachers, legitimately all of them, have been incredible. If you’re not local to Darien but in Fairfield County, you can also catch a lot of them at the Westport and Fairfield Pure Barres!

The atmosphere in the studio is so supportive and to my delight there’s been no weird commentary about “working off that glass of wine” or “earn that dessert” like I’ve experienced at other boutique fitness studios. Big ick. But instead, lots of motivational tidbits about getting stronger, especially when legs start shaking at the barre! The music is awesome and everyone I’ve been in class with has such great vibes. A few times I’ve been completely lost and assume I look like a bozo and look up to see someone else also fumbling and we both giggle. I’m not someone to be warm & fuzzy in a workout situation but I truly can’t say enough good things.

photo by Frances V. Isaac Photography

So after my two February classes, I showed up to class on March 1st and they announced their annual March Challenge: 20 classes in 31 days so I figured why not? I’m pretty competitive against myself and I’m excited to say that today was my 21st class in the month of March!! I beat the challenge by one! If you’ve been following on instagram– I received so much encouragement throughout, so thank you!! I can tell you two things for sure: 1. I am getting so much stronger and 2. I’m obsessed.

If you’re local to Fairfield County, I’d love for you to come take a class with me. If you’re already a lover of Pure Barre, you can get 20% off your first month membership, just scan the QR code (if you’re on desktop).

Hope to see you at the barre!



  1. Christie R
    June 24, 2022 / 8:41 pm

    Thank you for your review! I also grew up taking classical ballet classes and have been curious at barre exercise. I may have to give it try.

    • Bliss & Bellinis
      July 6, 2022 / 6:37 am

      It’s a great, low impact workout but you’ll absolutely FEEL it! I can’t recommend enough 🙂

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