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Truth be told, I’ve been pretty selective when it comes to making purchases lately which is why you haven’t seen many posts like this. When the pandemic first hit, I started to reevaluate how much I was consuming, especially when things are so readily available to us. I’m making more mindful purchases and investing in pieces I know I’ll want to hold onto for a while. That being said, the next few items are good quality pieces with price points you seriously cannot beat. Here’s what I’ve bought recently and would easily purchase again…

Apple Watch Band – I got an Apple Watch for my birthday this year, despite already having a regular watch. I was initially interested in one to track my workouts but holy cow- I’ve become addicted to tracking my steps, heart rate, and all the billion other things this watch does. I started to wear it throughout the day and realized my athletic band didn’t do much for my carefully planned outfits. I have a silver watch face so I wanted a band that wouldn’t be too disruptive or clash with my day-to-day jewelry, so I opted for this awesome white band. At $25, it’s good quality and it’s easy to swap bands if I need to switch back for a tough workout.

Hair Clips – To say I’m obsessed with these is an understatement. They have over 5,000 reviews on Amazon and now I know why. They’re so cute and actually hold up your hair. I stopped wearing my hair in tight elastic as much because it can be really damaging to your hair. In college (and to this day), my roommate and I have the Clip Clurb (er, club) because we used to throw our hair up in clips when we’d get back for the day to hang out after class or while we were getting ready at night to go out. These are a big from our pink and white claw clips and I seriously reach for one of them anytime I throw my hair up. They are… wait for it… under ten dollars.

SkinCeuticals Custom Dose – A few weeks ago, I went to an incredible event at Skinlab. As you all know, I’ve been seeing Dr. Nichols and her incredible staff for year. They are the pinnacle of skincare and I’d let them do just about to anything to perfect my skin. They offer SkinCeuticals Custom Dose, which is actually I product I hadn’t tried yet. It’s an elixir specifically tailored to your skincare needs. Hallelujah! I’ve been using it per their recommendation for the last 2 weeks and I can definitely tell this is the new addition to my day-to-day regimen. In my humble opinion, unique & personalized skincare is the only way to get to your best skin ever. If you’re local, I can’t recommend Skinlab enough!

Scrub Daddy Sponges – OK, I only knew of these initially from their TikTok account. They’ve popped up a few times as I’ve been scrolling and I truly love brands who use TikTok to show their sense of humor. I thought “oh cute sponge!” but then my mom got me a four pack and.. I’m obsessed. Not only are they adorable, they work wonders and do not hold onto foul food smells like regular sponges. For anyone who is cleaning obsessed, add to cart immediately.

What have ya’ll found lately that you’re obsessed with?



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