How I’m Achieving More Restful Sleep

Restorative sleep is of the utmost importance for our bodies and truthfully, getting enough rest isn’t all about beauty sleep ( but isn’t it the worst when you’re tired and then someone asks if you’re sick because of your dark circles? ) There are so many health-related issues caused from lack of or poor sleep. Lower immunity, trouble focusing, weight gain, decreased heart heath…just to name a few.

When the pandemic first hit, I was really struggling to get good rest. While I categorize myself as an early bird moreso than a night owl, I was struggling to wake up with energy because it was tough to fall asleep and even once I did, I’d be up several times throughout the night. I assumed it was stress of, oh you know, a global pandemic. And it was, but it was also a good reminder of just how important sleep and rest are to our bodies. Here are a few things that have worked for me in achieving more restful, quality sleep.

  1. Equilibria CBD – I take one full dropper before bed. This alone has improved my sleep so much. If you follow me on instagram, you know just how much I swear by Equilibria.
  2. Cut out caffeine after noon – I drink a cup of coffee every morning but always make sure it’s completely consumed before lunch. (is finishing a coffee actually an issue for anyone? no.) If I truly need a burst of energy in the afternoon, I’ll have a CBD seltzer of half a drop of Equilibria. In small amounts, CBD helps with alertness, but in larger amounts aids with relaxation and sleep.
  3. The Hatch – I replaced by bedside table clock (and utilizing my phone alarm) by getting a Hatch Restore. The Hatch helps both at night and in the morning. At night you’re able to set up a nighttime routine. For me, it’s approximately 30 minutes of winding down. The soft glow light turns on which indicates it’s time to be off devices ( no more blue light ) and I take this time to complete my daily entry in my Five Minute Journal. The light on the Hatch continuously dims until it’s time for a moment of mindful meditation which usually lulls me to sleep, followed by a few minutes of white noise. In the morning, the light simulates the sunrise which gently pulls your body out of deep sleep so you’re waking more rested, versus the jolt of our iPhone alarms.
  4. Switching to morning workouts – For me, working out too late in the evening was making me more wired than tired. Sometimes it feels great to hit the gym after work but if I know I’ll likely end up working a bit later than normal, I switch to a morning workout to avoid upping my epinephrine and adrenaline right before bedtime.
  5. Canopy Humidifier – Do you ever wake up in the night feeling dry and/or thirsty? This humidifier (which is way cuter than the one your mom put in your room when you had a cough as a kid) battles stuffy or runny noses, congestion, dry eyes, and sore throat by increasing the relative humidity levels in your bedroom. Humidifiers have so many benefits (hello, skincare!) but also lubricating your nasal passage and throat helps reduce inflammation and improve your breathing, especially while you sleep. No more waking up in the middle night to cough. You can even add essentially oils to really enhance your blissful sleep.
  6. Set your schedule – Like most things that become habit, it takes time. Set yourself up to go to sleep & wake up around the same times each day, it sets your internal body clock.
  7. Theragun Elite – After a long active day, like skiing, or a tough workout, using the Theragun on the sore areas of my body before bed relieves so much tension. Who am I kidding I definitely use this on days when I’ve just been hunched over a computer all day too. Light pressure with a Theragun activates your parasympathetic nervous system to loosen up those tense muscles and help with overall relaxation. Aka..not waking up in the middle of the night to soreness or cramps (the worst!)
  8. Keep it cool – Sleeping in a cooler ( not frigid ) room can actually improve your sleep quality in itself. Your body temperature bottoms out right before bed, and will rise naturally as you get closer to waking. This rise in body temperature can cause that “sleep sweat” that we’ve all woken up with. The goal is to keep your bedroom cooler and regulate the temperature throughout the night to keep you comfortable and asleep.

Sweet dreams!


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