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I’m living in this Vineyard Vines cashmere sweater (sold out) & keeping my eyes on this beauty too!

Hey ya’ll. Just in the nick of time: one post this January. Frankly I’ve just taken a bit of time away. Not necessarily because I’ve been uninspired but because I’ve been channeling every ounce of that inspiration to other projects. Aside from work, I’ve been working on something fun for the blog that I’ll be able to share in a couple of weeks and honestly, sometimes after spending all day working on a computer, the last thing I want to do at night is… work on a computer. Screen time has taken a big toll on my eyes this year (hello 30s) so I’ve tried to be mindful. With the exception, of course, of a few shows I’ve started. (This is where I argue that I’m sitting at a further distance from the television and watching only one, one hour episode a night!) As if I couldn’t love Fran Lebowitz more, Pretend It’s A City on Netflix is absolutely fabulous. Fran’s wit, dry humor and musings of New York City is spot on. Oh, and it’s directed by Fran’s friend Martin Scorsese (casual). I love this city & I love her, so it’s a win. I’ve also started (by overwhelming recommendations) Yellowstone. I had heard good things and never thought to start it but when I realized it was Kevin Costner, I was all in. I’m only a few episodes in so far but the best way to succinctly describe it: The Godfather but on a ranch in Montana.

I’ve gotten a few messages on Instagram asking why I haven’t been posting clothes. And to be honest, because you know I always keep it real with you guys, I’ve been doing ‘no spend January.’ It doesn’t feel right to bombard you all with styled outfits that a) I don’t own or b) I’m not even shopping for, for myself. My ‘no spend January” has actually been easier than anticipated. Perhaps the silver lining of staying home? This came about for a couple of reasons. One is we have a small closet in our apartment and frankly, until I Marie Kondo that bad boy, I don’t have room for much else. Two is the slow process of redoing my closet in general, avoiding fast fashion (not necessarily the brands themselves, I try to stay away from those anyway, more like avoiding my own fast purchase decisions lol). And finally, a big goal of mine for 2021 was to be very aggressive with my finances and not spending in the first month of the year really sets the year off on the right foot. I’m also very excited to say I’m working with an awesome financial advisor who will doing a blog takeover in the coming weeks because financial literacy is key.

I’ve been working on starting the year right in all aspects. I had my yearly physical in January which was great since I’ve got a couple of Covid long hauler symptoms creeping around. I’ve been spending lots of time working out and rehabbing my lungs since Covid. I’m glad to say, with consistency it’s gotten much better- hoping it’s not too long until I’m back to 100%. Otherwise days have been pretty docile here. I’ve gotten up to Vermont to ski, enjoyed what might be my favorite meal ever (Colony Grill Salad Pizza, IYKYK), and mastered making the perfect frothy coffee.

If you don’t already froth your milk and don’t want to drop big bucks on an automated frother, this is what I use and it’s AMAZING. It’s really upped my coffee game. 

Wishing you all an awesome weekend!! XO


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