The Two Most Impactful Self-Care Practices I Made A Habit in 2020

Happy Friday!! Can you believe it’s nearly Thanksgiving…nearly the holiday season… and nearly a brand new year? I know the title of this blog post seems premature being only 20 days into November but these two items have impacted my self-care so much that I’m certain nothing will change in the last 6 weeks of the year. And if there ever was a year to focus on self-care, 2020 is it. Today I wanted to share the two items that really shifted my self-care practices this year & made a big impact on feeling my best day to day, consistently.

The first is The Five Minute Journal. I’ve mentioned this on Instagram before, but this gratitude journal really changed the way I frame up and end each day. Every morning I set aside three minutes to reflect and answer the questions inside the journal. I list three things I’m grateful for, three things that would make the day great and my own daily affirmation. At the end of the day, just before bed, I spend two minutes completing the day’s prompts which are listing three amazing things that happened during the day and what would’ve made today even better. I love this journal for so many reasons:

  1. It’s not a major change to your schedule or routine. Whether we think so or not, we all have five minutes to spare each day, especially when those five minutes to yourself can be so impactful.
  2. It really shifts your perspective. We have so much to be thankful for, even when things are tough.
  3. While you might be thinking “how is writing down what I’m grateful for going to improve my life?” Well, many studies have shown that practicing gratitude actually affects our bodies on a neurological level. Seriously! By practicing gratitude, our brains release toxic emotions, regulate stress, even reduce pain! There are also studies of how practicing gratitude helps improve sleep.

I’ve been journaling for about five months and I can attest to all the positive effects listed above. At first, it may feel like an odd practice especially if you’re having a tough day. But it’s a great way to remind ourselves of what we have. On days where nothing feels right, I count my blessings for a loving supportive family, a safe, cozy apartment and somedays I’m just really thankful for a hot cup of coffee. When you start looking around at all the good things in your life, it becomes clear just how much we have to be grateful for.

The second practice that has helped me immensely is integrating Equilibria CBD into my daily routine. While I don’t suffer from diagnosed anxiety, there are obvious and not-so-obvious stressors in everyone’s lives. I’ve been using Equilibria for over a month now and have felt so many benefits. There’s a reason why everyone you follow on Instagram is using it 🙂

The company itself, Equilibria, is women owned. A company for women, by women? Can I get an amen?! They produce high quality, full spectrum CBD but my favorite part is your access to a dosing specialist to ensure you’re getting optimal results for your body. A big shoutout to my dosing specialist, Haley. We had the most lovely conversation and she was so knowledgable about the product and process. If you’ve never taken CBD before, this is the perfect way to learn what works best for you and if you have taken it before, this is a great way to optimize your usage.

For me, I take one softgel in the morning with breakfast which is a slow release over 5-12 hours since it travels through your digestive tract. I definitely feel the effects when I see the amounting emails in my inbox in the afternoon and I no longer get that pang of adrenaline and panic. At night, I take a full dropper of the drops. I hold it under my tongue for at least 60 seconds for the best results. I’ve noticed longer and more restful sleep which has been a huge benefits for me, especially because I was suffering from such bad insomnia earlier this year. During my dosage call, Haley informed me that I can also utilize about half a dropper during the day if I’m feeling particularly anxious or even need a bit of a boost without wanting to have that afternoon cup of coffee. In large amounts, CBD can be relaxing but in smaller amounts, it can be energizing. So cool! I also am a big fan of their balm which I’ve used for cramps and other muscle aches. I saw a difference almost immediately and I love the way it smells.

If you’re interested in giving Equilibria a try, you can use my code blissandbellinis for 15% off, which even counts toward their amazing holiday sets, perfect to gift to someone who needs a little relaxation this year (or just yourself :))

Have a great weekend!


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