Thoughts On the First Day of Fall

It’s here. The first day of fall in 2020. For a a year where we’ve been stuck inside most of the time, it’s oddly flown by. I’ve been reading a lot about the transition between summer and fall and the resounding word I keep coming across is balance. The days & nights becoming divided into equal portions, the symbolism of trees no longer holding on to leaves that no longer serve them. I guess there is a lot to learn from fall. Here are a few things I’m focusing on this season & I invite you too as well.

Practice Gratitude. If you follow along on the gram, you know I’ve been working on keeping a gratitude journal. I can honestly say it’s been a game changer to kick off & end my day with gratitude. There are actual physical benefits with practicing gratitude like reduced blood pressure and improved sleep. If I haven’t convinced you yet to start a gratitude journal, start your morning thinking of three things you’re grateful for and make it a habit.

Remove clutter. For me, this means not only physical clutter but also continuing to smudge my space to rid it of any lingering bad energy (a quick note that this is not a superstitious practice, it’s backed by science!). There’s a reason you feel good after cleaning, it’s because our homes and spaces are an extension of our own auras. Old things carry old energy and broken things carry stuck energy. This also goes for the pile you’ve been swearing you’ll do something with (…calling myself out here!)

Speak Kindly to Others & Self. I’ve been posting Friday affirmations on my instastories the past few weeks and one that occurred to me to share is how negatively we can speak to ourselves. I like to think of myself as my best friends hype-woman so when I get so down on myself, I need the reminder that I would never, ever allow my friends to speak to themselves that way. Hello! We have to be our own best friends, our own hype-woman! Take it easy on yourself!

Get outside. Don’t let the dropping temperatures keep you cozied up inside all the time (thought that’s one of my favorite things to do!) Throw on your sweater & jacket and take a walk. Especially this year with so many unknowns with COVID, being outside and socially distant helps us feel a little more connected with the world than being stuck inside our homes. Plus, how beautiful are the trees changing? Take time to revel in nature’s beauty. Plus we all know natural sunlight stimulates energy and serotonin levels.

Balance. Ah yes, the resounding fall theme of balance. Oftentimes when things feel chaotic, I allow myself to become completely unbalanced and immerse myself into the chaos to help. This one is hard for me but it’s important to be able to find the balance of helping other and helping yourself. Without being too prescriptive, I welcome you to define what balance means to you. What feels unbalanced in your life? How can you help yourself feel more balanced? A few words I keep in my mind when trying to focus on balance: delegate, prioritize, step back, ask for help, sort should from want.

Happy first day of autumn! Sending you powerful vibes for a lovely season. xo


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