The Canned Wine I Adore

Is Bev my brand soulmate? Maybe. As someone who dives into brands on a daily basis, I can say with absolute professional certainty (and also with my own personal opinion) that the Bev team is killing the game.

I stumbled across this brand in it’s infancy but I immediately fell in love with their messaging and branding and decided I wanted to learn more.

Bev is all about breaking the glass (get it, like ceilings but also because it’s wine in a can- not a bottle? genius.) The female-owned brand was created to break up the toxic drinking culture that surrounds us, but mostly catering to women in a space where, let’s face it, women are often forgotten. Founder Alix Peabody cashed out her 401k to buy like, a ton of rosé, 300 gallons to be precise and Bev was born. You can read more about her journey here, here and here. (and you should, it’s good!)

Aside from deeply identifying with the brand, sometimes a girl (or guy) just wants some good wine without having to open an entire bottle. Emphasis on good; it’s delicious. Bev just gets it. Currently the brand has Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and my personal favorite Rosé (I’m drinking one while I write this).

Way back in February, I was in LA  (remember when we traveled?) and popped into Bev HQ. It was incredible, their team is awesome and clearly I loved it so much I cheesed harder than I ever have before. (if you’re reading this Hi Hannah & Chloe- thanks for the best day!)

Now, Alix (because she really does do it all) has kicked off a podcast Made By Chicks, which shares journeys of other badass women in the entrepreneurial space. A must listen.

If you want to stock up, drop by and use the code BLISS20 for 20% off your order.

Also, leaving this here because it’s important:


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