Three Thrills by Thursday


If you’ve been following along on the ‘gram, you know that I cut out caffeine for most of quarantine. I was having trouble sleeping and dealing with some insomnia issues so I was trying to cut out any variable that could be contributing to sleepless nights. In June, when we drove to Ohio to quarantine with my parents, I started having a cup of coffee with my mom every morning and forgot how much I love the coffee she has. It’s Meijer’s brand Michigan Cherry. The smell when the coffee is brewing is to die for! If you’re near a Meijer store, I highly recommend picking some up!


Last week I started my Five Minute Journal. I had been meaning to order one for some time but, you know, sometimes things just fall to the bottom of the list. I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger! It’s only just now been 10 days but when I posted about starting it, so many people told me how it’s become the favorite part of their day. So far I’m really enjoying starting and ending my day this way!

<photos by our friend Chris Sainato>


Last Sunday, we participated in painting Black Lives Matter on the streets of downtown Stamford. An artist was chosen to design each letter, then volunteers, like us, helped execute their vision. It was so awesome to even play a tiny role in creating this beautiful masterpiece. This is also my not so subtle reminder that BLM efforts are not a trend. They’re not trendy or trending. In the spirit of ally-ship, please continue to make weekly efforts to research how you can help this movement. And for anyone reading this thinking “all lives matter” I’m here to remind you that you are correct, but all lives can’t matter until black lives also matter.


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