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Happy Friday! I caught a late night flight last night to come back home to Ohio and spend time with my parents. Between multiple cross country flights and being sick, I’ve had some time to watch some mindless TV and here’s what I’ve been watching. Have some extra downtime this weekend and looking for something to binge? Here you go..

Cheer on Netflix. Duh. I was late to the game on this one. But my reviews are equally as resounding. These cheerleaders are no joke and Monica is a queen without a crown. Also, hi, Jerry, be my friend!

Grace & Frankie on Netflix. To be honest, I felt like I had to watch this. I had seen all the other seasons and wanted to know how it would all end since this was their final season. It was wrapped up well, though I can’t say it was fantastic, it was a good watch.

Shrill on Hulu. I binged the first season hard when it came out so I was pumped to see the second season come back to Hulu recently. I love Aidy Bryant and many of her badass girlfriends take on production roles this season; one of the episodes is directed by Natasha Lyonne- I freaking love her.

The Righteous Gemstones on HBO. This show is so outrageously hilarious. It pokes fun at a mega- church family dynasty and their hilarious and very outrageous antics. Definitely don’t watch this with anyone who is easily offended.

McMillions on HBO. I’m only two episodes into this series but holy cow: did you know all the Monopoly games that ran through McDonalds were rigged!? This docu-series follows the FBI investigation to determine exactly how the game became rigged and who was responsible.

Have a great weekend!



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