My 5 Day Reset with Green & Tonic

when someone asks you for a bite of your spicy avocado wrap… um NO!

Recently I did Green & Tonic’s 5 Day Reset which are seasonal, nutrient-packed meals, prepared for you to enjoy throughout your day. I was interested in doing a reset because I had been traveling for work and was getting over the flu. Ew. When I travel, I try to eat well but sometimes you’re stuck on a plane during dinner, so you make due with an RX Bar and some Cheez-Its. By the time I returned, I felt like I hadn’t gotten a ton of healthy veggies so I turned to my friends at Green & Tonic.

I think there are a few a big misconceptions about resets, or cleanses. First off, cleanses are usually thought of as starving yourself or only drinking juice in order to lose weight/ bloat. Secondly, a lot of people think that cleanse or reset foods are either in one of those weird, freeze-dried astronaut packs or overall just nasty.

In reality, the 5 Day Green & Tonic Reset focuses on the nutrient and vitamin-rich foods to help boost your body’s energy and immunity. Not to mention all the food is fresh and delicious. To be honest, when I signed up, it didn’t even cross my mind that I’d be eating vegetarian, let alone vegan! I am someone who enjoys eggs, meat & cheese and frankly if you told me I had to give up cheese for a week, I’d probably say no dice. But I honestly didn’t even realize those items weren’t included in the meal plan. It wasn’t until 3 days in when I thought WOW! I’m eating completely vegan this week!

On the 5 Day Reset, a typical day’s meals look something like this:

< image via Green & Tonic instagram >

Upon waking: Chill Tea
8am: Breakfast Pot – I am obsessed with their Banana Chia
10am: Turmeric Tonic Juice
12pm: Spicy Avocado Wrap – also so obsessed, I went back & got this for lunch after the reset was over!
2pm: Green Monster Juice
4pm: Brussel Sprouts & Pomegranate Kale Salad
6pm: 7 Vegetable & Quinoa Soup
All day: Filtered water w/ lemon

Throughout the entire reset, I had plenty of energy (which I know is sometimes a concern with resets) and felt awesome! I couldn’t recommend this reset enough. I want to do another when they change to their summer menu, because the winter one was so delish!

If you’re interested in doing a 3 or 5 day reset with Green & Tonic, show them this post (or my Instagram post) to receive 30% off, valid until 2/23!



Thank you to Green & Tonic for sponsoring this post!

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