Three Thrills by Thursday

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Like a lot of people, I fall into serious ruts when it comes to planning lunches during the weekdays. I’ve been trying to make lunches that keep me interested during the week to take to the office and these sheet pan shrimp fajitas were perfect. Instead of making actual fajitas, I made rice/ salad bowls and it was the perfect lunch. Highly recommend (like anything on Jessica’s site).


We’ve all (unfortunately) sat through bad wedding toasts. The ones that run on, the ones that tell too many inappropriate jokes, or share too many secrets. It’s awkward. I rapped by maid of honor speech (only part of it!) at my best friend’s wedding! She deserved something so special I didn’t even think a regular speech could do it justice. It was a moment. If you aren’t writing your own curated rap and are responsible for a wedding speech, I highly recommend you pick up my friend Pete’s book: Wedding Toasts 101. Pete and I attended college & grad school together and he’s taking wedding speeches to a new level: seriously, he was written up on So there is literally no reason whatsoever for bad speeches anymore- please. Ladies, if you’re reading this and are concerned about your significant other giving a speech (or your significant other’s friend giving a speech at your event) this is a great gift.


I’ve said this before but Paperless Post continues to be one of my favorite sites on the internet. From wedding save the dates, birthday party invites or just even sweet ‘just because’ cards, you can brighten anyones day. My husband even used Paperless Post to send invites without my knowledge for our surprise engagement party. The cards are beautiful to and so easily customizable. I’ve been creating some fun Galentine’s cards to send out to my girlfriends this year. They even have a new flyer feature where you can add your own gifs. A super easy way to remind friends that events are right around the corner!

Hang in their babes, it’s almost Friday!


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