Sights Set on 2020: My New Year Intentions

TGIF! While I’m not off for MLK Day on Monday- I’m very much looking forward to the weekend. I have a lot of exciting (& busy) things coming up on the calendar so I’m taking every opportunity to embrace weekends where I’m not traveling & have the luxury to move a little slower.

sights set on 2020 // my favorite dress is on sale!

While I’ve done some thinking about goals and intentions moving into the new year & decade, I haven’t written anything down. While I 100% believe in pushing yourself, I also think it comes with setting goals and intentions that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based- I learned this analogy in college thanks to my favorite Professor Stashower.) Setting rigid, unattainable goals is a sure way to not only not achieve them, but to put yourself in a miserable mood.

The new year came with a bang, not a whimper. I was home for the holidays trying to run around and do a million different things, as holidays usually end up. On January first, I was up early and back on the road to the east coast. If I wasn’t driving, I was sleeping and then proceeded to go into the office the next day and the days since have felt like a whirlwind. I haven’t really had time to sit and mindfully think about my intentions for the new year. I’m not crazy on strict resolutions but I think setting intentions & goals (at any point of the year) is an important ritual.

Less food waste. I hate wasting food but sometimes when I don’t meal plan or plans change, I end up having food that goes bad (think week old prepped chicken). This year I’m striving to make meal planning habitual so the fridge is clear at the end of the week & ready to be stocked with the next week’s meals.

Incorporating more greens into every meal. I already eat a lot of veggies but trying to squeeze more in here and there. I’ve been cutting up mini cucumbers to have with breakfast in the morning and am loving it!

Moving. Even if I can’t get a work out in during the day, I’m trying to add more steps into my day, especially when my job has me sitting the majority of the day. When I’m having a particularly busy, seated day, I’ll take a lap around the building before I stop by the bathroom or to go fill up my water bottle.

Don’t linger too long in bed in the morning. I used to be really good about this as a kid. I’m not one to hit snooze but sometimes I just lay for a few quiet moments or even check emails that may have come in over night. I’m not particularly fond of this habit so up it is.

Do not stress over things I cannot control. I set this intention every year and will continue to probably forever. Stress takes a terrible toll on the body and while for most of us, it’s unavoidable, minimize where possible.

Say “no.” My mom consistently asks if I know the word “no.” More often than not, I don’t. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a people pleaser, but more along the lines of I love being able to do it all. I know that I can’t but I push myself and it often leads to pretty intense burn out.

Money. Save it. Be smarter about it. Plan for the future!

Make time to be creative. Simply put, if something makes you happy, make time for it. There’s so much push & pressure for “side hustles” – not every hobby needs to be a side hustle.

Continue learning. One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a subscription to Masterclass and it’s legitimately one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I intend to watch/ listen to as many as possible in 2020.

Focus. I’ve really tried to tune into this more the last year. We are constantly so bombarded with devices: phone calls, computers, email, texts, etc. While multi-tasking can be a lifesaver, I also have realized it can be a soul sucker. Whether it’s at work in a meeting or over brunch with friends, multi-tasking doesn’t always work with focusing. So next time you’re in a meeting, wait to answer that email. Next time you’re at brunch with friends- wait to send the text. Focus & be present.

Weekly goals. The team at Cupcakes & Cashmere talks about this in their office but this year, I’d like to set at least one weekly goal.

What are your goals an intentions for 2020- and if you actually started on January first- how are you doing?


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