5 Ways to Focus on Self-Care at Work

<don’t you wish we could work from home every day?>
Happy Friday!!! During the work week, it’s so easy to find yourself buried in work and not at all paying attention to our own wellness. I work in a fairly high paced environment so many times an afternoon walk or time unplugged isn’t an option. This week I’ve tried to implement five simple ways to add a little self-care into my work day.
  1. Staying hydrated. This is something I always struggle with. I usually fill up my Swell bottle but when I finish it, I forget to go fill it up. This week, I’ve been filling up my 64oz Yeti and filling up my glass at my desk until it’s gone. It’s been surprisingly easy to consume much more water this way.
  2. Being posture aware. It’s no secret that sitting at a desk, staring at a computer (or down at our phones) is terrible for our bodies and posture. This week I’ve tried to be overly mindful about sitting up straight with my core engaged. If you need a little reminder about checking in, set an alarm on your cell to buzz every hour, it’s a good reminder to sit up straight, unclench your jaw and roll your shoulders back.
  3. Moving. Does anyone else get stuck in the work groove and lose track of time? Sometimes I look up at the clock and realize I haven’t stood up in hours. If you can’t squeeze in a walk at lunch, take the long way to the bathroom, take the stairs, etc.
  4. Being more mindful of my eyes. We know blue light rays aren’t great for our eyes yet most of us spend an entire work day in front of a computer and many hours on our phones. Grab a pair of blue light glasses, like mine from EBD.
  5. Avoiding jitters. On the days that I need a little boost after lunch, I’ve been subbing out my afternoon coffee for an herbal tea.
What are some of the ways you practice self-care at work?

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