How I Cleaned My Apartment Before Vacation

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No one wants to come home to a messy space, in fact, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. While I wouldn’t categorize myself as a neat freak (my husband would say quite the opposite) I hate walking in from vacation and realizing there is a list of chores to be done. I’ve rounded up a few tasks I try to implement before every trip and the last few times, it’s made the return so much easier!

  1. Make the BIG list. About a month before I leave, I make a list of things that need to be done, especially the stuff I’ve been putting off. I do a little here and there so it doesn’t feel quite as overwhelming. You know that bag of clothes you’ve been meaning to list on Poshmark? Do it. Need to organize that pile of papers? Do it. It feels so much better when that is out of the way when you get back. I also like to do a deep clean of the kitchen and vacuum prior to departure.
  2. Have something in the freezer for when you get back. When I returned from Spain, it was late on a Monday night and I’d already prepped chickpea pasta & homemade bolognese for work the next day in the freezer. IMPORTANT: I always make sure I have almond milk for coffee in the morning. First day back from vacation, I’ll definitely need it.
  3. Change your sheets. Because if vacation has to be over, is there anything better than getting into fresh sheets?
  4. Make sure your washer & dryer are empty so upon your return, you can easily put all your dirty clothes directly into the washer as you put away your luggage. Pro tip: Make sure you’re stocked up on dishwasher detergent + detergent so you’re not stuck when you get back.
  5. Before I walk out the door to head to the airport, I make sure I’ve run through the “standard” pre-trip checklist. Mine looks something like this:
    1. Take out trash/ recycling.
    2. Empty dishwasher.
    3. Make sure any fresh flowers are thrown away, or gifted to friends if they’re still alive & kicking.
    4. Make sure nothing is left in the washer.
    5. Make sure refrigerator is cleaned out (also no produce left out)


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