Why You Shouldn’t ‘Make Plans’ With Your Friends

image via The Everygirl

Over Labor Day weekend, it worked out that a large group of my best friends would all be in Cleveland and shockingly were all available on the same day. The only plan we made was to meet at our friend’s house in the early afternoon everything else was TBD. The guys decided to go golfing which left us girls time to make cocktails, snuggle the newest addition to our friend group, baby Leo, and just catch up. When the guys got back, we ordered in dinner and spread out between the kitchen and dining room to eat and hang out. We all lost track of time, eventually changing into pajamas and sprawling across the couches and floor to laugh at a comedy special on Netflix.

Over the past few years, it seems like anytime we’ve been together it’s been for a bachelorette, shower, wedding, or have made plans to get dinner and go out. Constantly on the move. Labor day weekend we ordered pizzas, made cocktails and literally just enjoyed hanging out with each other like we did in college.

I can’t recommend enough planning to not make plans. Just to be all in the same space without a daunting timeline brought me more joy than any dinner reservation or night out dancing ever could. I consider myself pretty lucky to have such a great group of friends who value quality time together just as much as I do… and that have extra bedrooms and pull out couches for sleepovers.

yes, I made us all take a timed photo…and will cherish this shot forever!


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