Three Thrills by Thursday

AH yes, Thursday again. This week has been weird. Ive been thinking we’re a day ahead (the worst) and spent the majority of yesterday thinking it was Thursday already. I’ve also been trying to kick a summer cold; which seems like the worst oxymoron. And like, how rude to show up in the middle of our warm weather season?!


I posted this Frozen Margarita Pie last week and my DM’s have blown up with questions. This recipe just tastes like summer to me. Fresh limes, the teeniest hint of tequila. It’s perfect. It’s very simple to make, just requires a little planning, as it does require using freezing overnight.


What have you been binging on Netflix? July was a big month for me. I don’t follow a ton of shows religiously, but three of the four that I do all premiered in the month of July. I started with Stranger Things, Queer Eye and now I’m finishing up the final season of Orange Is The New Black. While Stranger Things and Queer Eye were delightfully captivating, OITNB’s final season tackles a lot of very relevant, difficult issues in our country today. The prison system, systemic racism, and the newest addition to the show this season: ICE. I have a few episodes left but I’ll be so bummed when I finish. I’ve followed this show since it premiered in 2013.



I just received 3 gorgeous colors of the new Olive & June nail polish and I am so obsessed. Another one of their new products is showing up on the blog next week, too! They are really making it SO easy to do your nails at home, perfect when you’re in a pinch! Stay tuned!



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