Three Thrills by Thursday


Three of my very best friends in the whole world are pregnant right now- two actually due in the next few weeks. While my knowledge of babies is actually pretty good (I babysat for a wonderful family throughout college & grad school) my knowledge of helping a new mom is not. Recently at one of their baby showers, a mutual friend who is a mom gifted a basket filled with goodies that she coyly stated “you’re going to need these!” The nuances of caring for a new mom are details I just do understand because I haven’t been through it and really, this is my first wave of pregnant friends. When I stumbled across this article on Cupcakes & Cashmere, I was elated because all us non-mom friends want to help but I admittedly don’t know how: 17 Ways To Help New Moms, According To Moms! I love this article because it accounts for time crunches, distance (HI!) and gets down to what they really need!


I mentioned this on instagram when I first signed up but never mentioned it on the blog! After a few insta-polls, I signed up for I usually give outfit details on posts or on the blog but now, if you see something you like- you can hop over to the app and shop instantly. A big reason I started this blog was to share. I’m always the girl to ask people where they got something so hey, let’s make it a bit easier!


A few weeks ago I had one of those weeks where I wasn’t really prepared. I had traveled the entire weekend which is usually my time to plan out meals and run to the grocery, and by the time the busy week hit, I realized I had an almost-empty refrigerator. A lot of times when this happens, I usually just make eggs however, I had a little creativity and just enough to get by so I made Lemon Arugula Cacio e Pepe with Banza pasta. I posted it on my insta-stories and got a ton of questions about the recipe. Honestly, I just made it up as I was cooking but now I’ve saved it on my instagram highlights so everyone can enjoy this delicious recipe.


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