“OMG Have You Heard About…”

In my continuous group chat with my girlfriends, there’s always an “OMG have you heard about…” accompanied by a new product, show or something along those lines. Today I’m sharing with you the very things that are on my radar..

This sunscreen…

Full disclosure, this is a client of mine in my day-to-day job. I was excited to work on this but delighted when I saw how the product applies to the skin. It’s a shimmery sunscreen, which let’s face it, is a millennial dream. Functional beauty! I wouldn’t describe it on a Coachella level sparkle, but a subtle aura, or glow, if you will. Perfect for a pool party, day at the beach or outdoor event. It even comes in a variety of SPF options.

These jeans…

image via Abercrombie.com

I saw my girlfriend wearing these cute high waisted jeans a few weeks ago and when I asked where they were from, I was surprised to hear her say “they’re Abercrombie!” I was even more surprised to learn they’ve been on sale for $49! They are so comfortable and the high waisted buttons make them different from the pairs already sitting in your dresser drawer. Walking into the store was a blast from the past and the smell can only be summed up as my freshman year of college, but it was wonderfully nostalgic. Abercrombie is totally evolving and actually had a ton of lovely pieces suitable for ages other than middle schoolers… which…speaking of…

This show…

image via IMDB

Pen 15 is a new show on Hulu that’s a perfectly crafted time capsule for those of us who were hitting those very awkward years at the turn of the millennium. Best friends Maya & Anna take on seventh grade, puberty and the pains of adolescence, especially in the year 2000. When I binge watched the entire series, I laughed so hard I cried and many of the quotable nuggets end up in our group chats on a daily basis.

This fruit…

Have you guys heard of sumo citrus? It was actually being sampled at my grocery stores and they’re the easiest citrus to peel, like ever. They’re seedless mandarins and I’ve been stocking up on them for the past two weeks at the store. They are the perfect 3pm snack!

What’s the newest thing on your radar?!


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