36 Hours in Mystic, CT + The Spicer Mansion

<on the front steps of The Spicer Mansion>

<image via Spicer Mansion>

This past weekend, we drove up to Mystic, CT, which is the sweetest little seaside town.

We stayed at the beautiful Spicer Mansion which completely exceeded any and all expectations. I expected a beautiful boutique hotel, but our stay there was so much more. The home was built in 1853 and was completely (and perfectly) restored & reopened in 2016.

<image via Spicer Mansion>

Upon our early check-in, which is always recommended by the staff. We got settled into our room, the Luzerne suite. Each room is equipped with a Duxiana mattress and Matouk linens so believe me when I say you will feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds.

<door hanger by Mystic Knotwork>

<customized B embroidery on the pillow>

Once settled, we received a tour of the home which boast several salons to relax in. My favorite, the Belvedere, or the widows watch, is the highest point in Mystic.

<a relaxing morning in the Belvedere salon>

All the rooms are named around the life of Captain Elihu Spicer, the original owner. With only eight guest rooms, the property has a speakeasy playfully named Room No. 9.

<searching for Room No. 9>

On Saturday evening, we dined at the Mansion. There are two options when dining at the Spicer Mansion: their fine dining option or a more casual fare in the speakeasy. We made a reservation for fine dining with plans to head down to Room No. 9 afterwards. The kitchen is a perfect reflection of the Spicer Mansion; precise, intentional and sensational. We indulged in a four course meal with wine pairings and each course somehow outdid the last. After dinner, we made our way to Room No. 9 which was bustling with people & live music. We would’ve never known these rowdy scene was in the same home while we were upstairs in a cozy, intimate dining room. Room No. 9 is a real prohibition style speakeasy: no phones, no photos. But I will tell you this- if you’re in Mystic, I can promise this stop will not disappoint.

<stunning florals & breakfast>

The property is stunning and the attention to detail & service is beyond impeccable. The Spicer Mansion has truly ruined me for any and all continental breakfasts offered moving forward. Fresh fruit, quiches, greek yogurt are beautifully displayed in one of the salons and it’s quite the reward for a waking up from lovely night’s sleep.

They say when you stay at the Spicer Mansion, it feels like you’ve been away longer than you actually have. They were right. While our trip was short, I felt right at home and was so relaxed by the time we left. I couldn’t have asked for a better stay.

Where to Eat:

Engine Room

Incredible burgers!

Oyster Club

Spicer Mansion

Where to Drink:

Oyster Club

If you don’t make it here to eat, stop in for a drink!

Barley Head Brewery

Locally brewed beer

Room #9 Spicer Mansion

Where to Indulge:

Sift Bakery

(voted best baker in American 2018!)

This was the highlight of our trip for me. I have been dying to get to Sift since I moved to the east coast a few years ago. I can’t recommend specific items to you because I nibbled on several things (Ham & Cheese croissant, blueberry scone, PB cookie sandwich, everything croissant… the list goes on) and can tell you they are all mind-blowing. Go early to have your pick! Tip: buy a loaf of their bread to take home for sandwiches.

<Schooner’s Wharf getting ready for spring>

What to Do:

Mystic Aquarium

The Mystic Aquarium is an awesome place to visit. If you’re unsure if you’ll make it there during your trip to Mystic you can always buy tickets at the door. When we arrived, the line was very long but we bought tickets on our phone and were able to enter immediately.

Mystic Knotwork


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