Three Thrills by Thursday


Recently, I was hosted at my favorite restaurant in Connecticut Mecha to try their brand new spring bar menu. After a very fun night of sampling their new cocktails (and a less enjoyable morning), I can easily say you should be frequenting Mecha as much as I do.

They’ve created some brand new cocktails that will knock your socks off & have also updated some classics, like a Bees Knees, and added their own, delicious Mecha spin (hint: it may or may not be lavender!)

japanese tea ceremony 

I personally loved ‘japanese tea ceremony’, ‘pillow talk’ and ‘walk on the wild side!’ And this is  j u s t  my review on the drinks- I can’t even get started on the food!



I finished my first audiobook (I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron) using one of favorite apps, Libby. You may have already known this app as Overdrive but it’s rebranded and much more user friendly. Libby allows you to utilize your library card to check out free books & audiobooks in the same system you’d use if you were going to an actual library. Since I spend a lot of time commuting, the audiobooks are an awesome alternative to the podcasts I usually listen to.


As someone who moved from her beloved home (#cle) to a new city, I often get questions in my inbox about making friends as an adult. It’s tough! And it boggles my mind because we all struggle with it yet here we are, all wanting to make friends! I loved Leslie’s thoughts from Cupcakes & Cashmere on why its so darn tough to make friends as an adult!



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  1. Mickey
    March 22, 2019 / 11:52 pm

    LOVE that noodle bowl! Authentic Asian glazes. It’s the tea bowl with which I take issue. Nonetheless, I liked this week’s post. I’ve always used Overdrive so now I’ll go take a look at the update.

    We should talk soon.

    LYMI, UM

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