How To: Avoid the Sunday Scaries

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Happy Monday, people! While we’re just kicking off the week- my mind is already set toward the weekend. While I hate to fast forward too much, the weekends come & go too fast and we’ll soon be fighting the inevitable sunday scaries. We all know the feeling. The weekend is coming to a close and you get that anxious pit in your stomach that tomorrow morning, the week starts all over again.

Here are a few tactics that leave me ready to take on the week & sunday scary-less

  1. Change your sheets. Is there anything better than getting into clean sheets on Sunday night?
  2. Plan out your week. I still use a planner. There’s something so calming to me to actually write out all my plans/ meetings versus using just my phone. I love to have it all laid out in front of me. I usually take at least 10 minutes each Sunday to look at my planner to ensure I’m not forgetting anything!
  3. Pick out your clothes. If you don’t do it for the whole week (I barely ever do) at least do it for Monday. It takes one extra step off your plate for a foggy Monday morning brain.
  4. Give yourself something to look forward to on Monday morning. Whether it’s a special coffee in the morning, booking yourself into a restorative yoga class, or planning to veg out on the couch to watch some mindless TV at the end of the day- add it to your schedule and it’ll make the day a tiny bit easier with something to work toward.
  5. Head to the grocery. Stock up your fridge over the weekend so you don’t have to run to the grocery throughout your busy week and….
  6. Spend some time making food for the week. If you don’t meal prep for the week, at least make sure you have something planned for lunch on Monday. There’s nothing worse than getting to work & realizing you have to fend for yourself at 12:30 for lunch or worse… get booked into meetings and having to skip all together because you didn’t have time to run me, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.
  7. Give yourself some time. Ah yes… time! The ultimate luxury. What makes you feel centered, relaxed.. C A L M? After I attended an event yesterday & finished my errands, I took a hot shower before dinner, did my extended skin routine and sat, cozied under a blanket & spent some time reading and unwinding. It was heavenly. This is something I don’t get to do every weekend; sometimes my schedule is just too booked to allocate time to relax but when I do have a moment to stop- it’s quite fabulous.

What do you do to avoid the sunday scaries? Wishing you dreams of a relaxing weekend & a quick & caffeinated Monday! xo


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