Three Thrills by Thursday: Gift Guide

Friday eve- thank the heavens! Today I’m sharing three thrills this week which are all gift guides. If it’s something a blogger loves, it’s a gift guide, SO instead of doing one myself… I’ve picked three to share with you today.

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Lindsay Silberman. I’ve followed Lindsay (#SilbSquad) since she had only a couple thousand followers. As far as bloggers go, I suppose you could say she’s relatively new since she just recently became “full time” but she’s the real deal…and MVP. Any time I’ve ever asked her a question or interacted with her, she’s always responded. Travel, beauty, NYC spots- you name it, she knows it. I guess that means I can consider her my bff right? As far as beauty goes, she knows it all and most of her recommendations end up on my nightstand- and we all know how picky I am. This gift guide is for Every Single Person in Your Life and also features Birdies, my most fav brand at the moment.

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Much like Lindsay, I’d trust Oprah with about anything. As a kid, I used to watch her favorite things episode with as much excitement as an audience member. She’d announce everyone was getting the product she just reviewed and I’d be screaming too! In her 2018 Favorite Things, she’s included 107 items from Kitchen to Cozy and Fashion to Travelers. There is something for everyone on your list on Oprah’s list.

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The Today Show released several different gift guides: for grandparents, for kids, for your favorite couple, etc etc. I love these guides because they’re all encompassing and have items I would never have thought of!


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