Three Thrills by Thursday

Last  week was so lovely. I love Chicago and spending a few days with one of my best girlfriends, celebrating her birthday & attending an awesome conference really was the cherry on top. And back to back weekends travel for me, as I flew back to the east coast and spent last weekend in Philly. I can’t wait to lay low this weekend & just relax! Here are my three thrills for the week…


My friend & trainer Lauren Cardarelli Seib writes for the Food Network (what doesn’t she do?!) This article: This Is What a Personal Trainer Actually Buys at the Grocery Store is perfect to review especially when you need to get back to basics (hello, Chicago deep dish) after a week away. 


AIRE Ancient Baths. This is one of the coolest spa experiences I’ve ever done. I went in Chicago last week and I’m so thankful they have one in NYC because I will definitely be back. The spa offers several packages: you can go and solely utilize the baths but have the option to add spa treatments. My friend Genna & I did a salt scrub and massage which were ah-mazing. Did I mention they also offer a wine bath? Yes, literally a bath full of wine which is apparently an ancient practice. Where do I sign up?


As you all I know, I may be the proudest Clevelander out here on the east coast. I get made fun of for it all the time BUT there really isn’t anything better than seeing other people love the city you’ve loved from day one. This Thrillist article sums it up perfectly. Yes, we’ll miss LeBron but we get it and our city continues to thrive & grow every single day. A perfect read if you, like me, just genuinely love Cleveland OR if you need a weekend getaway, consider this unassuming city. Also, message me- I’ll plan your entire trip!

Happy Friday eve! xo


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