Transforming My Skin with Nichols MD + Major Discount

A few months back, I found myself frustrated, inside Sephora trying to delineate what product within these four walls would give me flawless, celebrity skin. While I’ve never had bad issues with my skin, I wanted to up the ante for the wedding. If you’re an avid Sephora shopper like myself, you’re aware of the trial & error process that often happens. You see an influencer review a product that works for them and assume it will work the same for you. Sometimes it does, but other times, I get just a few uses out of a product before realizing it just doesn’t work for my skin.

fresh faced, thanks to Dr. Nichols & team

I soon realized the “celebrity skin” I was longing for was not going to be achieved raiding Sephora every week so I began the search for an expert dermatologist. Living in the greater NY area, there are many, many doctors to sift through. When I found Nichols MD, I remembered I had met Dr. Nichols at an event in the area and how kind she was and hoped she was an equally fab doctor. I scoured their website and read a ton of reviews and made an appointment for a consultation. My expectations were completed exceeded.

During my consultation, I received a full body skin check because you can never be too careful about sun damage and melanoma. I also stepped inside the SkinCeuticals skin scope which shows all the under-the-skin skin damage and helps the team prescribe a regimen and treatment. When I met with Dr. Nichols, we discussed what I wanted to improve about my skin. I had heard about microneedling but wasn’t sure if it was for me and was interested what she thought would improve my skin to its full potential.

The best part about choosing Nichols MD was creating my personalized skincare plan for the months leading up to the wedding. For brighter, more glowy skin, Dr. Nichols recommended three PRP with microneedling treatments (more to come on that!), ExcelV- Vascular Treatment for a few broken capillaries that were causing some redness and a few SkinCeuticals products that would keep my skin perfect & healthy between treatments. I never felt pressured to add on procedures that I didn’t need, which I was initially worried about due to a horrible experience at a previous dermatologist who heavily pushed intense cosmetic procedures.

looking beautiful during a microneedle

I knew I wanted to find someone I trusted, because if you’ve ever been to a sketchy doctor, you know how unsettling it can be. I knew I needed that from my doctor, but I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly knowledgable and trustworthy the entire staff at NicholsMD truly is.

The Good Stuff

Which is why I am THRILLED to announce a fun partnership with NicholsMD! If you’re prepping for a major event or just want to see improvement in your skin on a daily basis, contact the team at NicholsMD and tell them you saw this post for a major discount on your consultation with Dr. Kim Nichols.

At your consultation, schedule any cosmetic treatment (microneedling, botox, etc, etc!) receive $150 towards your treatment PLUS receive a complimentary Laser Genesis Express treatment (valued at $200).

As always, if you have any questions about my experience or beauty questions in general, you can message me here or message me on Insta! I’m happy to share my experience, always!


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