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Today’s post, I had originally planned for this to my one of my weekly three thrills, however, I cannot say enough good things about Mike’s Organics, so I wanted to give it it’s very own post.

Have you ever tasted a piece of produce and been WOW’ed by how incredible it tastes? Alternatively, have you ever been completely underwhelmed by the food you’re eating? Have you taken a large bite out of a peach and thought it was only so-so? In my opinion, this happens because we’ve become accustomed to eating food that’s been genetically modified. This market, located in Stamford, CT, is undoubtedly by favorite place to grocery shop because of it’s amazingly delicious food.

But first, a little bit about how they got started.

image via mikesorganicdelivery.com

Meet Mike. After a stint of living in Botswana, Mike realized the local food that was being grown, tasted unlike anything he was eating back in the States. He started questioning just exactly what he had been eating back at home, how it was grown and where it was coming from. When he returned home, he was lighter and in the best shape of his life. He knew he had to share what he had learned.

Straight from their website:

“He became a student of how food was grown, where the seeds come from, how it was cared for, raised, packaged, shipped, and displayed. Mike committed to immersing himself in local sustainable farming and agriculture culture. He consumed books, attended lectures, and volunteered at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. These learning experiences and a lifetime of cooking, gardening, fine dining, hunting and fishing were the foundation for Mike’s Organic. “

While the produce is incredible, they offer a myriad of other locally sourced items- all of which are out of this world. Everything from meat, cheese, greek yogurt, vegan ice cream, salad dressing, fresh granola…the list goes on and on.

The entire team is so friendly and knowledgeable and perhaps my favorite part of going to market is utilizing fresh produce with the team’s recommendation of how to prepare it. On my first trip, they had beautifully vibrant swiss chard. To be honest, I didn’t quite know how to prepare it. The team assembled a mini meal kit and hooked me up with a foolproof recipe.

Mike’s Organics is not only is a market, they deliver– which is the best perk of all! Whether you’re busy or just can’t get to the market during the time they’re open, the delivery option is the best of both words- healthy food delivered right to your door. You can check to see if they deliver to your location by entering your zipcode here.

Scroll all the way to the bottom for a discount!! 

my first Mike’s Organics haul

The Good Stuff

Mention the code: siggpay10 for 10% off online, or mention you saw this post if you go to the market!


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