Three Thrills by Thursday


I had the most incredible meal recently at Pera Soho! I love Mediterranean food and couldn’t sample enough of their menu.  I visited the Soho location which has a huge (and quite delightful) patio but there is also a Midtown location. From their Soho Country Salad (my favorite) to the feta stuffed dates, everything was incredible. I highly recommend grabbing your girlfriends and reserving a table outside for dinner and, of course, cocktails.

Pera Soho Country Salad   enginar & peasmushroom & goat cheese flatbread


I’ll eventually write my own post about this but I recently read this article on how to bounce back from quarter life crisis on Cupcakes & Cashmere. It’s a real thing. After college, many of us have that odd, uncertain feeling that comes with having to create your own structure, especially when it comes to finding your first big job. Social media can make it so hard when it seemingly appears everyone is living their best life with no apparent struggle, but we all go through it. Literally; up to 75% of people ages 25-33. The article talks about some easy steps to get re-centered post crisis. And as always, remember to breathe.

three. and why I’m MOST excited!

Today I’m flying to meet all my girlfriends and celebrate my bachelorette weekend! Not only am I excited to celebrate but words cannot describe how excited I am to have all my best girlfriends in ONE PLACE! We live all over and it’s not often all of us are together- but this weekend, I know, will be one for the books. Follow along on insta-stories to see where we’re headed!


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