Three Thrills by Thursday


I have been in love with this Coconut Matcha tea lately. It has all the benefits of matcha & green tea & the coconut adds the perfect amount of sweetness.


Intensive Skin Serum Concealer | Corrector  | Brightening Powder

My newest under eye savior! A few weeks ago I wrote about my everyday makeup routine, but have been searching for an under eye solution. Getting up so early, sometimes I need a little extra umph to look wide awake (read: anything so people don’t have to ask “are you okay?!”). This combo has been a life saver and has a really natural feel during wear. I start off with the corrector in the darkest spot under my eyes, add some of the intensive skin serum concealer and finish with brightening powder. The powder is my secret weapon. Not only is it brightening but it makes sure no rogue mascara or eyeliner ends up smudging under my eyes.


Successful women on the age they found the most difficult via Coveteur.

I hope everyone is having a quick week; today is actually my Friday as I’m off tomorrow for a little adventure this weekend!


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